Flushed Away

2006 / DVD

fantasy elements

talking rats and toads, and singing slugs


[DVD sleeve]

Roddy St James of Kensington, pampered pet rat, has a shock when he's flushed down the loo, only to find himself in a great rough and ready rat city under London. Desperate to get back home, he has to run the gauntlet of rat gangsters, a Mr Big Toad, French ninja frogs, and Rita the rat's family.

[Roddy and Rita in peril]

This takes a few minutes to get going, but once Roddy is underground, things whizz along, full of the characteristic Aardman-style sight (and sound) gags, and clever little film references (Toy Story, Terminator 2, James Bond, Babe, ...). The styles of the faces are familiar from Wallace and Gromit, and the slugs from Creature Comforts. Although it looks just like a (rather shiny) plasticine animation, it's actually CGI, which allows for some rather spectacular set pieces.

Rating: 3

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reviewed 22 April 2007