2005 / TV

SF elements: comic book super hero


Elektra [Jennifer Garner] is brought back from her death in Daredevil , and becomes an assassin. But when she is hired to kill a man and his daughter, she instead saves them, and finds herself in a battle for their lives against the sinister Hand.

This is better than Daredevil: the plot isn't so linear, and the fights are better. It is clearly influenced, for the better, by Eastern martial arts films -- particularly the finale with the dustsheets blowing in the wind, and all the forest battles. It takes a while for the fantasy elements to appear, but once the first ninja disappears in a puff of green smoke, things really get going. The main problem is discriminating between Elektra, and Alias's Sydney Bristow. But fun mind candy.

Rating: 4

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reviewed 13 October 2007