Deja Vu

2006 / in flight

fantasy elements

time travel


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A terrorist blows up a New Orleans ferry, killing hundreds. In the course of investigating, ATF Agent Doug Carlin [Denzel Washington] finds several anomalies, including an apparent victim who actually died hours before the blast, and who had previously tried to contact him. Then he's asked to join a team who have special surveillance equipment that can show them what happened exactly four and a half days ago. From then on it's a race to find the bomber, and maybe even to avert the tragedy.

[watching the past]

This is a kind of movie equivalent of Seven Days (here compressed to four and a half for even more urgency), with lots of great effects -- the four and a half day delayed car "chase" being particularly memorable. There's loads of slam-bang action, and most of the time-travel paradoxes and anomalies seem to have been thought through.

Rating: 3

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reviewed 25 March 2007