The Cabin in the Woods

2011 / DVD

SF elements: zombies; eldritch horrors

The Cabin in the Woods

Five college friends go off for a weekend in an isolated cabin in the woords. Along the way they meet a sinister stranger who warns them off, but they laugh at him. Once at the cabin, strange thisngs start happening, the tension mounts, and eventually the zombies rise.

Just your standard zombies in the woods horror flick, right? Wrong!

There are hints that there's something much more peculiar going on, as the kids are being monitored by some large creepy organisation. But just what are they being put through, and why ?

Loads of monsters, jumps and thrills, gore and spatter, but with an intriguing sub-plot. Worth watching (and it's full of familiar faces, too).

Rating: 3

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reviewed 26 January 2013