The Fifth Element


SF elements: ancient evil alien death

The Fifth Element
[Zorg with his Big Gun]

Early in the 24th century, cab driver and ex-Special Services Major Korben Dallas [Bruce Willis] gets the surprise of his life when a strange woman babbling an unknown language falls from a great height into his cab, being hotly pursued by the police. He decides to help, and is caught up in a desperate race to be the first to find the four stones that can save the earth from the approaching 5000-year-old evil destroyer.

[Dallas surrounded by Big Guns]

The plot -- to find the Four Plot Coupons to Save the Earth from destruction in the Nick of Time -- isn't the point of director Luc Besson's visually exciting film. It's all the gorgeous camp flashy funny design details -- the futuristic galaxy, the various aliens, the future Earth combining squalor and marvels, the downward view of all those air car corridors, the Dredd-esque police, the OTT radio DJ, all the fake Dallases trying to board the shuttle, the evil Zorg, the Diva, the Big Guns -- all fuse together to give a wonderful roller-coaster ride through a garish and stylish future. Sit back and enjoy.

[Bruce Willis] Korben Dallas ..... Bruce Willis
Zorg ..... Gary Oldman
Father Cornelius ..... Ian Holm
Leeloo ..... Milla Jovovich
Ruby Rhod ..... Chris Tucker
President Munro ..... Tommy Lister Jr

Rating: 2.5

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reviewed 15 July 2001