Glob of Nose Latex

Date: 09 Nov 94 20:58:00 
Subject: Tune: _Yellow Rose of Texas_

I found this on another echo, Major Matt Mason (the poster I got it from) said I could post it elsewhere, so:

(Copyright, bla, bla, bla. Usual applies. Feel free to crosspost this to any of the TREK echoes et cetera, as long as you let me know what the responses are.)

(Tune: Yellow Rose of Texas )

Well, that glob of nose latex-is
The only way, you see
To keep down on the budget
On Ess Tee: Tee Enn Gee

We blew a million dollars
On starship flats and sets
So a small glob of latex-is
As good as the ail-yuns gets.


She's the sweetest little alien
That Starfleet ever knew
Her ears have rubber tips on
Held on with Elmer's Glue

We're tops at doing phaser shots
And spaceship warp effects
But the al-yuns' look latex-is
With some wattles on their necks.


So a wad of brown latex-is
On the brow of Mr. Worf
Anything more complicated
Make-up folks call it too torf

With a nose brow for Bajorans
Bulgy head for Fer-en-gi
A little wad of latex-is
The only thing we'll see...