You Can't Keep Me From Singing

Gordon McDonald, Jr.

TTTO: How Can I Keep From Singing

Dedicated to those of us who cannot sing, but do so anyway.

My life flows on, but something's wrong,
I'm caught in consternation,
Whenever I begin to sing,
There's rising agitation.
My singing voice is not my choice,
Fate brought it sweetly winging,
Since Fate's to blame, I now proclaim,
You can't keep me from singing!

My voice is hoarse, but then, of course,
A sweet smooth voice is boring,
And if a song be sad or long,
I pep it up by roaring.
To sing on pitch is something which,
Was not in my upbringing.
To sing off key sounds fine to me,
And you can't keep me from singing!

If I sing just right, I can incite,
A docile group to riot;
Or to offer me a handsome fee,
If only I'll be quiet.
But I don't bargain with a mob,
Though tar and feathers they're bringing,
Put down that noose and turn me loose!
You can't keep me from singing!

The birds have left my neighborhood,
Their tiny eardrums shattered.
My neighbors too have said, "Adieu";
But it hasn't really mattered.
My daily mail brings threats of death,
And curses coarse and stinging.
I heed them not; they're a tin eared lot!
And they can't keep me from singing!

Each living thing its song must sing;
Life sings to life in chorus.
Our song brings courage when we do,
Not know what lies before us.
Our songs of freedom, love and hope,
Down through the ages ringing,
Cold Death defy, and that is why,
You can't keep me from singing!

Copyright 1979, No rights reserved. Lyrics may be reproduced on the side of a building, on novelty toilet paper or on any reasonably flat surface in between without compensation to the author; just sing the bloody song and get on with it.