Harry Smothers

Copyright 1993 by Gerald Bliss

TTTO: "Crying", by Roy Orbison

(Inspired by "Return of the King" by Tom Smith)

      I was a king, for a while
      With my new ring, I could smile
      And then eight other kings
      Tried on their brand-new rings
      That we'd been given by a mage
      But of what was to be
      We couldn't see we'd not be dying.

      Then our new boss went and lost
      The ring that rules all the rest
      And, though he'd lost the war,
      This loss hurt even more
      But he knew how to take a jest
      But I'm still keeping faith,
      Though just a wraith ...

      And now I'm flying over you
      Flying over you
      The One Ring, though it's gone,
      Still draws my brothers on
      And we're flying

      Now, in the West, towards the Shire
      We feel a Call like distant fire
      And when we start to laugh,
      Well, that jerk, Gandalf,
      Gets it out under the wire
      And, while we sniff the woods,
      He's got the goods, and we're flying.

      And so we searched
      Through the nights
      And we've seen lots of sights
      Then one night, before morn
      We found Aragorn
      And the Ring was on his kid
      And though he's turning grey,
      He got away...

      So now we're flying over you
      Flying over you
      I can't pretend
      You'll have a happy end
      Because we're flying
      Flying ... flying ... flying
      We're just flying
      O-ver you...