Address Computer Science, University of York
Deramore Lane
, York, YO10 5GH, UK
Email pirs (at) cs | york | ac | uk
Phone +44 (0)1904 325475


Quantum Information group

  • Stefano Pirandola (Professor)
  • Carlo Ottaviani (Researcher)
  • Gaetana Spedalieri (Marie Curie fellow)
  • Panagiotis Papanastasiou (Post doc)
  • Masoud Ghalaii (Post doc)
  • Athena Karsa (PhD student)
  • Kieran Wilkinson (PhD student)
  • Jason Pereira (PhD student)
  • Cillian Harney (PhD student)
  • Alasdair Fletcher (PhD student)
  • Alexandros G. Mountogiannakis (PhD student)

Former members:

  • Cosmo Lupo (post-doc)
  • Riccardo Laurenza (PhD student)
  • Thomas Cope (PhD student)
  • Gan Wang (visiting PhD student)
  • Leon Hetzel (Erasmus student)
  • Jacopo Angeletti (Erasmus student)

Currently, I am coordinating the EU-funded QUARTET project on topics of quantum sensing, and I am involved in the Quantum Communications Hub and the CiViQ flagship project. See PURE database for a list of projects.

For other infos see my departmental website

I have written various reviews on quantum information and its advances:

  • Advances in Quantum Cryptography. arXiv
  • Gaussian Quantum Information. Reviews of Modern Physics 84, 621 (2012) - arXiv
  • Advances in Quantum Teleportation. Nature Photonics 9, 641–652 (2015) - arXiv
  • Advances in Photonic Quantum Sensing. Nature Photonics 12, 724-733 (2018) - arXiv
  • Unite to Build the Quantum Internet. Nature 532, 169-171 (2016) - here

Most of my publications are on the arXiv and Google Scholar

Quantum Information Seminars at Computer Science are here (not updated)