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Other Affiliations

York Centre for Quantum Technologies (YCQT)
Quantum Communications Hub
Biological Physical Sciences Institute (BPSI)

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Quantum Information group

  • Stefano Pirandola (Professor)
  • Carlo Ottaviani (Research staff)
  • Gaetana Spedalieri (Marie Curie fellow)
  • Panagiotis Papanastasiou (Post doc)
  • Masoud Ghalaii (Post doc)
  • Athena Karsa (PhD student)
  • Kieran Wilkinson (PhD student)
  • Jason Pereira (PhD student)
  • Cillian Harney (PhD student)
  • Alasdair Fletcher (PhD student)
  • Alexandros G. Mountogiannakis (PhD student)

Former members:

  • Cosmo Lupo (post-doc)
  • Riccardo Laurenza (PhD student)
  • Thomas Cope (PhD student)
  • Gan Wang (visiting PhD student)
  • Leon Hetzel (Erasmus student)
  • Jacopo Angeletti (Erasmus student)

Quantum Information Seminars at Computer Science are here

Most of my publications are on the arXiv. Here is a selection (not updated!):

• S. Pirandola, C. Lupo
Ultimate Precision of Adaptive Noise Estimation
Phys. Rev. Lett. 118, 100502 (2017) - arXiv

• C. Lupo, S. Pirandola
Ultimate precision bound of quantum and sub-wavelength imaging
Phys. Rev. Lett. 117, 190802 (2016), Editors' Suggestion. PRL - arXiv

• S. Pirandola, R. Laurenza, C. Ottaviani, L. Banchi
Fundamental Limits of Repeaterless Quantum Communications
Nature Communications 8, 15043 (2017) - arXiv

Video of the invited talk at QCrypt 2016

Media coverage: Establishing the boundaries of quantum secure communications (York press release) (

• L. Banchi, S. L. Braunstein, S. Pirandola
Quantum fidelity for arbitrary Gaussian states
Phys. Rev. Lett. 115, 260501 (2015) - arXiv

• S. Pirandola, J. Eisert, C. Weedbrook, A. Furusawa, S. L. Braunstein
Advances in Quantum Teleportation
Nature Photonics 9, 641–652 (2015) - arXiv

Media coverage:

Scientists produce status check on quantum teleportation (York press release) (
Review on teleportation in Nature Photonics (University of Berlin press)
Why 'teleportation' is no longer science fiction (Futurity)
Teleportation isn't just stuff of science fiction anymore (RedOrbit)

• S. Pirandola, C. Ottaviani, G. Spedalieri, C. Weedbrook, S. L. Braunstein, S. Lloyd, T. Gehring, C. S. Jacobsen, U. L. Andersen
High-rate measurement-device-independent quantum cryptography
Nature Photonics 9, 397-402 (2015) - arXiv

Media coverage and reviews on this work:

Team finds the 'key' to quantum network solution ( (York press release)
Effective measurement-device-independent quantum cryptography (Spie Newsroom)
High-rate measurement-device-independent quantum cryptography (Highlights - Denmark Technical University)
Un protocollo più efficiente per la crittografia quantistica (Le Scienze, Italian version of Scientific American)
Key to quantum network solution found (Iran Daily)

• S. Barzanjeh, S. Guha, C. Weedbrook, D. Vitali, J. H. Shapiro, S. Pirandola
Microwave Quantum Illumination
Phys. Rev. Lett. 114, 080503 (2015) - arXiv - PRL

Media coverage on this work:

New research signals big future for quantum radar (York press release) ( (Communications of the ACM)
Physics Focus: Quantum Mechanics Could Improve Radar in Physics Focus (APS magazine) Physics 8, 18 (2015)
Scientists develop quantum radar to detect radar-evading objects (Tehran Times)
Quantum radar could detect stealth cancer cells or aircraft (Kurzweil Accelerating Intelligence)
Quantum Radar Could Render Stealth Aircraft Obsolete (SIGNAL magazine, AFCEA)

• S. Pirandola, G. Spedalieri, S. L. Braunstein, N. J. Cerf, S. Lloyd
Optimality of Gaussian Discord
Phys. Rev. Lett. 113, 140405 (2014) - arXiv - PRL

Featured in Nature Physics: Quantum technology: The golden apple - Nature Physics 10, 474 (2014)

• S. L. Braunstein, S. Pirandola, and Karol Zyczkowski
Better Late than Never: Information Retrieval from Black Holes
Phys. Rev. Lett. 110, 101301 (2013) - arXiv - PRL

Media coverage on this work:

Curtains down for the black hole firewall paradox: making gravity safe for Einstein again (Press release, York) ( (ScienceDaily) (SpaceDaily)
Gravity-less toy black hole solves cosmic puzzles - NewScientist
Domate le fiamme all’orizzonte degli eventi - INAF media (Italian Institute of Astrophysics)

• C. Weedbrook, S. Pirandola, R. Garcia-Patron, T. C. Ralph, N. Cerf, J. H. Shapiro, and S. Lloyd
Gaussian Quantum Information
Reviews of Modern Physics 84, 621 (2012) - arXiv

• S. L. Braunstein and S. Pirandola
Side-channel free quantum key distribution
Phys. Rev. Lett. 108, 130502 (2012) - arXiv

• M. Abdi, S. Pirandola, P. Tombesi, D. Vitali
Entanglement swapping with local certification: Application to remote micromechanical resonators
Phys. Rev. Lett. 109, 143601 (2012) - arXiv

• S. Pirandola, C. Lupo, V. Giovannetti, S. Mancini, S. L. Braunstein
Quantum Reading Capacity
New J. Phys. 13, 113012 (2011) - arXiv

Included in the Highlights of 2011 by the Institute of Physics (IOP)

• S Pirandola
Quantum Reading of a Classical Digital Memory
Phys. Rev. Lett. 106, 090504 (2011) - arXiv - PRL

Media coverage on this work

Reading in the dark - Nature Physics 7, 278 (2011)
Physics Synopsis: A few good photons - Physics
Reading discs with fewer photons - Physics World
Using quantum methods to read classical memories offers surprising advantages -
Other reviews (Italian magazines): Ulisse and Oggi Scienza

• S. Lloyd, L. Maccone, R. G.-Patron, V. Giovannetti, Y. Shikano, S. Pirandola, L. A. Rozema, A. Darabi, Y. Soudagar, L. K. Shalm, A. M. Steinberg
Closed timelike curves via post-selection: theory and experimental demonstration
Phys. Rev. Lett.106, 040403 (2011) - arXiv - PRL

Media coverage on this work:

Physics Focus: Time travel without regrets - Phys. Rev. Focus 27, 5 (2011)
Time travel experiment demonstrates how to avoid the grandfather paradox -
Quantum time travel: Black hole not required (New Scientist)
Other reviews (Italian magazines): Ulisse and Oggi Scienza

• C. Weedbrook, S. Pirandola, S. Lloyd, and T. C. Ralph
Quantum Cryptography Approaching the Classical Limit
Phys. Rev. Lett. 105, 110501 (2010) - arXiv

• S. Pirandola, R. Garcia-Patron, S. L. Braunstein, and S. Lloyd
Direct and Reverse Secret-Key Capacities of a Quantum Channel
Phys. Rev. Lett. 102, 050503 (2009) - arXiv

• S. Pirandola, S. Mancini, S. Lloyd, and S. L. Braunstein
Continuous Variable Quantum Cryptography using Two-Way Quantum Communication
Nature Physics 4, 726 (2008) - arXiv

• S.-H. Tan, B. I. Erkmen, V. Giovannetti, S. Guha, S. Lloyd, L. Maccone, S. Pirandola, and J. H. Shapiro
Quantum Illumination with Gaussian States
Phys. Rev. Lett. 101, 253601 (2008) - arXiv

Re quantum illumination: Quantum Entanglement Benefits Exist after Links Are Broken - Scientific American

• S. Pirandola, S. L. Braunstein, and S. Lloyd
Characterization of Collective Gaussian Attacks and Security of Coherent-State Quantum Cryptography
Phys. Rev. Lett. 101, 200504 (2008) - arXiv

• S. Pirandola and S. Lloyd
Computable bounds for the discrimination of Gaussian states
Phys. Rev. A 78, 012331 (2008) - arXiv

• S. Pirandola, D. Vitali, P. Tombesi, and S. Lloyd
Macroscopic entanglement by entanglement swapping
Phys. Rev. Lett. 97, 150403 (2006) - arXiv

For more on macroscopic entanglement read: Scientists present method for entangling macroscopic objects -

• S. Pirandola, S. Mancini, D. Vitali, and P. Tombesi
Continuous variable entanglement and quantum state teleportation between optical and macroscopic
vibrational modes through radiation pressure

Phys. Rev. A 68, 062317 (2003) - arXiv