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Contact Address:

  Professor Richard Paige
  Department of Computer Science
  University of York
  Deramore Lane
  York, YO10 5GH
  United Kingdom

Telephone/Fax: (try this last)

It's easier to try to contact me by electronic means first. I'm sometimes at the office, but am often not at my desk, if you understand what I mean.

If you must try the phone, you may be able to reach me on +44 1904 32 5170. It's usually best to try email first, since I travel a lot and my diary consists entirely of meetings. You can leave a voice mail if you want, but I often forget to check it, sometimes accidentally delete stuff (telephones hate me), and occasionally even smash my phone for reasons beyond my understanding. Sometimes voice mail doesn't even work, for seemingly random reasons.

The department fax number is +44 1904 32 5599. This is a shared fax machine, so please make sure to label faxes for me with my name, and it will get to me. But really, who uses fax these days?

Email/Skype/Twitter (these are usually the best ways to contact me; try them in this order first)

I regard the sending of unsolicited commercial email/tweets/IM as harassment and will not hesitate to block you every which way from Friday if need be. So there.

In Person: I can sometimes be found in the Ron Cooke Hub (RCH) 102D. My office is not immediately accessible from public corridors, so if you are coming to see me, it's best to email or phone me first.

Schedule, March-September 2017

Monday Research and Admin
Tuesday Research
Wednesday Research and Admin
Thursday Research and Admin
Friday Research and Admin

Other Events


October           Luxembourg (PhD defence)
October 3-5	  Open University, Milton Keynes
September	  Saskatoon
September         MoDELS 2017, Austin, Texas
September	  Iceland, Toronto, Boston
August		  Rolls-Royce, Birmingham
August		  Smith and Nephew, Hull
July              STAF 2017, Marburg, Germany
5-6 July          SECT-AIR, Oxford, UK
9-24 Apr          Canada
28-29 Mar         SECT-AIR, Cheltenham, UK
early Jan         SECT-AIR, Edinburgh, UK

2-7 October	  Saint-Malo, France (MoDELS 2016)
5-27 September    USA and Canada (work plus a bit of holiday)
18 August	  Birmingham, UK (SECT-AIR kick-off)
25-29 July	  Oxford, UK (BX Summer School 2016)
3-8 July	  Vienna, Austria (STAF 2016)
30 June		  Leicester (external examining)
22-23 June	  Birmingham (external examining)
19 Apr		  Southampton
7-12 Apr 	  Toronto, Burlington and Hamilton, Canada
25 Mar-6 Apr	  Saskatoon, Canada
23-24 Mar	  Toronto
23 Feb		  Leicester (external examining)
11-20 Feb	  Barbados (Bellairs Workshop on Modelling & Sustainability)


late September    Ottawa, Canada (MoDELS 2015)
20-24 July        L'Aquila, Italy (STAF 2015)
7-8 July	  Barcelona, Spain (MoDELS PB)
22-23 June        Birmingham, UK (external examining)
18 June	          Loughborough (System-NET meeting)
5-12 June         Kingston, Canada (external examining)
22-26 May         Amsterdam (personal visit)
15-19 May         Florence, Italy (ICSE 2015)
15 April          Middlesbrough
7-12 April        Toronto and Burlington, Canada
23 March-6 Apr    Saskatoon, Canada
1-5 Feb           Schloss Dagstuhl, Germany (DSL Seminar)
29-30 Jan         Toulouse, France (PhD viva)


27 Sep-4 Oct      Valencia, Spain (MoDELS'14)
30 Aug-26 Sept    Toronto, Portland (OR), Seattle (WA), Vancouver
16-17 August      Northumberland
1-3 July          Delft, the Netherlands (SEMS'14)
19-20 June        Birmingham (External Examining)
12-18 June        Canada (NECSIS Workshop)
28-30 May         Potsdam, German (MoDELS program board)
02-21 Apr         Canada
17 Feb            TU Dresden, Germany (Birgit Grammel PhD viva)
 9 Jan            CWI, Amsterdam (Jeroen van den Bos PhD viva)
 1-5 Dec          Bidirectional Transformations Workshop, Banff, Canada
 Nov 17-20        CASCON 2013, Toronto, Canada
 8-9 Nov          Boston, USA
 1-7 Nov          Maine, USA
 30-31 Oct        Chicago, USA
 26-29 Oct        SLE 2013, Indianapolis, USA
 20-22 Oct        Waterloo, Canada
 5-20 Oct         McMaster University, Canada
 Sept 28-5 Oct    MoDELS 2013, Miami, Florida, USA
 25-27 Sept       Los Angeles, USA
 10-24 Sept       Sydney, Australia
 3-9 Sept         NUS Singapore
 1-7 Aug          Austria (personal visit)
 17-19 June       ICMT 2013, Budapest, Hungary
 6 June           PhD viva, ITU Copenhagen, Denmark
 June             LIP6, Paris, France
 16-27 May        ICSE 2013, San Francisco, USA
 1-2 May          PhD viva, Aberystwyth, Wales
 25-27 Apr        PhD viva, Zurich, Switzerland
 19 Mar-10 Apr    Saskatoon and Toronto, Canada
 10-12 Mar        Oxford University
 17-19 Feb        Workshop on Heap Analysis, Bamberg, Germany
 11-13 Feb        PhD viva, Malaga, Spain
 27 Jan-2 Feb     Dagstuhl Seminar on Certification, Germany