Research Associate at Enterprise Systems Group

Department of Computer Science, University of York
Deramore Lane, York, YO10 5GH, United Kingdom

E-Mail: first name dot last name at york dot ac dot uk
Office: CSE/018

Patrick Neubauer is currently associated with the Enterprise Systems Group at the University of York in the UK, where he works on polyglot and hybrid persistence architectures for big data analytics in the TYPHON project funded under the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme (grant agreement No. 780251). He is one of the main developers of Crossflow—a distributed data processing framework that supports dispensation of work across multiple opinionated and low-commitment workers developed within the context of the CROSSMINER project. Previously, he worked at the Business Informatics Group at the Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien) in Vienna, Austria, in the context of the European research project ARTIST, i.e. funded under the FP7 objective "Cloud Computing, Internet of Services and advanced software engineering".

His current research focuses on the extraction of knowledge from open-source repositories, such as GitHub and StackOverflow, and particularly the construction of a model-based workflow language as well as the automated generation of resilient clients for automated and efficient execution of workflow specifications that involve the extraction, analysis, and monitoring of repository data.

In 2017, he has been awarded the Marietta Blau Grant that funded research in the area of domain-specific language engineering and especially the modernization of domain-specific languages by bridging the technical spaces of grammarware and modelware in collaboration with Richard Paige and Dimitris Kolovos and under the supervision of Manuel Wimmer. The results of this research are partially published by the means of XMLText, IntellEdit, XMLIntellEdit, i.e. a combination and extension of the previous frameworks, and ECSS.

During his engagement as Senior Lecturer at the TU Wien, he administered and supported the execution of several undergraduate-level and graduate-level academic courses and seminars in the area of Model-Driven Engineering (MDE), such as Object-Oriented Modeling, Model Engineering, and Advanced Model Engineering.

From 2015, he participated in establishing and conducting a collaborative research project with the University of Zurich, funded by the technology transfer organization of the Universities of Basel, Bern, and Zurich, a novel method and system for monitoring a patient's medical condition.

In 2014 he received his graduate degree in Business Informatics from TU Wien for his thesis on the integration of modeling and programming languages by focusing on the case of UML and Java. From 2012, he worked as an industrial software engineer and consultant for EBCONT enterprise technologies.

He conducted his undergraduate studies in Applied Computer Science at the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano in South Tyrol—a primarily Austrian/German-speaking region in the heart of the Italian Apennine mountains. During this time, he has been awarded to participate in a bilateral exchange program between the Free University of Bolzano and the College of Charleston in South Carolina, USA.

Published source code and papers are available at GitHub and DBLP, respectively.

Other links may be found on my personal website.

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