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Bio picture of Peter Scopes

Peter Scopes

Ph.D. Student, Researcher

Tel: 5584 (+44 (0)1904 325584)


I am a third year Ph.D student under the supervisor of Daniel Kudenko. I am a part of the Reinforcement Learning (RL) research group, which itself is a part of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) research group. I completed my undergraduate degree at the Univeristy of Durham graduating with a BSc (hons) in 2009 in Computer Science. Whilst I was an undergraduate I conducted a piece of undergraduate research under Dr. Shamus Smith thanks to a Nuffield Grant I was awarded (please see the papers section below for more details).

My primary research interest revolves around AI and more specifically learning. Spatial awareness, team co-ordination and team learning are the 3 areas within this that I hope to focus my attention on during my Ph.D.

Currently I am researching Tile-Coding in hopes to gain better understanding of the dynamics of learning in approximation and how this difers from learning without approximation.


  1. P. Scopes and S.P. Smith. Integrating haptic interaction into an existing virtual environment toolkit, J. Collomosse and I. Grimstead (Eds) Theory and Practice of Computer Graphics 2010, pg241-248, Eurographics Association, 2010