Matt Windsor

York PhD candidate


As of , I now work full-time as a Research Assistant at Imperial College, London.

This page will disappear soon (provided that I pass my viva!); please bookmark my ICL professional web page instead.

About me

I'm a PhD candidate awaiting examination at York's Department of Computer Science, working on tools for verifying low-level concurrent programs.

My original supervisor was Mike Dodds. From July 2017 onwards, I was supervised by Radu Calinescu.

I used to be a postgraduate teaching assistant, for the TPOP module on introductory programming and POPL module on programming languages.

(All information correct as of .)


Starling (2015–2019; with Mike Dodds and Matthew J. Parkinson)
A fully automated verifier for concurrent programs written in a C-like language and annotated by concurrent views assertions (resulting in a paper at CAV'17; see below.)
SP Pool (2014–2015; with Mike Dodds)
Verifying safety properties of the SP Pool, from Dodds et al.'s A Scalable, Correct Time-Stamped Stack (resulting in a paper at YDS'15; see below.)






Microsoft Research Cambridge (May 2016 to August 2016, and August 2017 to November 2017)
Research internship, working on prototyping a new C# feature using the Roslyn C# compiler.


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