Steve King

I am a lecturer in the Department of Computer Science at the University of York, teaching modules in the MSc in Safety Critical Systems Engineering.

Research Interests

My recent research has centred on the practical development of programs from formal specifications. My doctoral thesis concerns the extension of Dr C.C.Morgan's refinement calculus to cover the additional topics of exceptions and iterators. Topics of interest for future research include an investigation into mechanical support for the refinement calculus style of development - this seems to be essential if this method of programming is to gain greater industrial acceptance. I would also like to return to the subject which initiated my interest in exceptions and iterators: the formal development of programs which use pre-defined libraries of abstract data-types (sets, sequences etc). Another topic of possible future interest is more applied than theoretical: since recent advances in technology have made it possible to consider new ways of teaching, I would like to investigate how traditional teaching methods can be enhanced using the Internet and tools like the World Wide Web and video conferencing software.


Mathematics for Information Processing (MIP)

Mathematics for Safety (MFS)

Formal Methods for Safety Critical Systems (FMS)

Development of Safe Software (DSS)

Steve King
Department of Computer Science,
University of York,
(01904) 433068