Dr Ian D. Benest

Department of Computer Science,
University of York,
Deramore Lane,
United Kingdom.

Telephone: UK: 01-904-32-5671; Int: +44-1-904-32-5671
Facsimile: UK: 01-904-32-5599; Int: +44-1-904-32-5599
Electronic Mail: ian.benest@cs.york.ac.uk
Research Teaching Professional Membership Publications

Research (Hypermedia User-Interface Design Group)

Current research includes determining the minimal interaction sequences necessary to provide a human-orientated hypermedia-based system that is capable of providing browsable access to very large quantities of multimedia information without exhibiting the fundamental user-interface problems normally associated with conventional hypermedia systems.

A tangible outcome of this work is the development of the Automated Office Metaphor - a system interface that is at a higher level than that of the Desktop Metaphor. It includes a linearised hypermedia system called the Book Emulator that has open-hypertext features. A number of applications have been investigated, including: conferenced project notebooks, simulator notebooks with 2.5D user-interfaces, specification techniques for computer-based teaching (CBT) and learning (CBL) material, and access to bibliographic material through a mimicked journal volume interface.

More recently the concept of the on-line lecture has been developed to exploit the Book Emulator, its schematic drawing capability, and its user-authored hyperlinking. The metaphorical basis for the on-line lecture is the traditional OHP-based lecture that is familiar to University teachers. The system assumes that the lecturer can collect, organise, and present material in an orderly fashion, but is not familiar with good user-interface design skills and is unable or unwilling to use a programming language. The on-line lecture is specified using a visual programming paradigm in which slide content, animation, audio narrative, and illustrative pictures and movies are ordered by means of the relative positioning of screen objects. This is then compiled into an on-line lecture that enables the student to see and hear the whole lecture, truly browse to a particular slide and "play" it, or see/hear individual fragments of the lecture. This is designed for private study either before or after the lecture is given live in a lecture theatre.

On-line lectures can be indexed and accessed through a Resource Book along with other information such as past exam papers, simulators, manuals and supplementary documents. The Resource Book can display and provide browsable access to picture libraries and reference libraries as well as hardcopies of material. The material can be searched for words or symbols and the results of the search are displayed in context thus minimising the number of inappropriate selections. Resource books have an ability to search picture libraries and audio fragments as well as ordinary documents that have been produced in a number of different formats.

A new on-line lecture viewer is being explored that is designed to be used in the lecture theatre with suitable projection facilities. The material for this viewer will be automatically generated when the private study version is created.

Research is now being directed towards the Multimedia Digital Library whose user-interface will be based on further developments of the Automated Office Metaphor particularly that part which manages the work-space as presented to the user. An application of the Digital Library will be motivated by the need for lecturers to search picture, audio, movie and slide information for material that can be inserted into their on-line lecture based material. A key element will be the extraction and labelling of semantic information in the material and the display of relevant search results.

Current research also includes investigating the user-interface characteristics of an Automated Personal Assistant (APA) that is both responsive and proactive. The function of the APA will be to help overcome human weaknesses such as forgetting the location and content of information previously found but not necessarily deliberately remembered, and reminding the user of tasks performed by the APA and other processes.

One outcome of this research is the development of a multi-role hypermedia-based graphical interface providing all the generally accepted hypermedia services for searching, organising, categorising and filing that is needed for a personal information space. It will incorporate low-level support for aural as well visual communication between computer and user. In essence it will provide an integrated user-interface. It is intended that it will be used to support access to On-Line Lectures, the Multimedia Digital Library and co-operation between the user and the Automated Personal Assistant.

Underpinning that interface will be a set of software agents whose architecture, communication protocol, shared data structure, and user-modelling is being collaboratively reseached by Nuno Ribeiro

Teaching Interests

Ian Benest used to teach Digital Circuit Design - a two-term first-year course covering combinatorial and sequential circuit design at the SSI and MSI levels. By the end of the course students should understand the engineering approach to design. The course includes laboratory sessions during which circuits are analysed and designed. Students gain experience with the SPICE and Powerview simulators. This course exploits the research into on-line lectures.

He used to teach User-Interface Design - a one-term third-year option covering the human-centred approach to designing human-computer systems. The course concentrated on that period of the design between the requirements capture stage and the detailed specification stage, during which the overall metaphor is developed. The information processing characteristics and limitations of humans are covered together with the wide range of graphical input and output devices available, and the basic interactive and interface styles.

Professional Membership

Ian Benest is a Chartered Engineer (CEng) through his membership of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET).

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