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Department of Computer Science


Current Modules

I currently teach the following modules in the Department of Computer Science:

Skills, Knowledge and Independent Learning (Undergraduate, Stage 1)

In this module I introduce students to a number of different topics to round out their their skills as a student and professionals in computing technology. We cover writing for technical and non-technical audiences, communication and presentation skills, professional research and ethics of computing. The goal is to give students the skills they need for the future of the computing industry

User Centred Design (Postgraduate, MSc. HCIT)

Students starting the MSc. in Human Centred Interactive Technologies (HCIT) are introduced to the concepts, processes and skills related to user centred design and evaluation. Students learn about generative user research, personas and scenarios, prototyping and evaluation techniques. Students undertake a large design project which forms the basis of their first portfolio piece.

Design Research and Practice (Postgraduate, MSc. HCIT)

Following on from User Centred Design, the Design and Research Practice module gives students the opportunity to undertake a large group project of their own choosing. Driven a problem based learning approach, students need to work independently to define, research and report on a novel problem.

Advanced Topics in Human Centred Interactive Technologies (Postgraduate, MSc. HCIT)

This advanced topics module introduces students to specialist topics in the area of human-centred interactive systems. Presenting with a variety of academic and industrial experts, I deliver a set of classes on the basics of inclusive design for people with disabilities and older adults.