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Department of Computer Science

Research and Publications


You can find information about all of my recent publications on Google Scholar or the University of York Research Database.

Current Projects

ACESO: Low-cost wound management system for primary care

Funded by: InnovateUK

Collaborators: Cadscan Ltd

Started: June 2017

Running until: December 2018

The ACESO project will develop and evaluate a system to allow nurses and other healthcare professionals to monitor the status of a patient’s wound over time. The system will also guide wound management.

Assistive Adaptive Rehabilitative Technology Beyond the Clinic (AART-BC)

Funded by: EPSRC

Collaborators: Universities of Cardiff, Kent, Oxford Brookes, Salford, UCL, Warwick

Started: April 2015

Running until: March 2018

The AART-BC Project is investigating how people with physical disabilities use their mobility aids such as wheelchairs and walkers. Little is known about how people fare with their aids once they leave the clinic. The project is developing sensors which can be placed on the mobility aid and innovative wearable sensors for the mobility aid users. It is also developing a multi-platform app to be able t conduct experience sampling studies with the mobility aid users – sending them very short questionnaires approximately seven times a day to assess their use of their aids and what problems they might be having. The app will also have a function by which users can report a problem with their mobility aid at any time. Finally the project is developing a system for healthcare professionals, such as physical and occupational therapists, to easily monitor information about their patients’ mobility aid use.

GUFO: An airborne robotic assistant for older people

Funded by: InnovateUK

Collaborators: Canscan Ltd, Cosmonio Ltd.

Started: 1 August 2017

Running until: January 2019

The GUFO Project will explore the potential of a small drone as an assistive robot for older people living independently. The project will investigate the acceptability and usability of small drones for older people and develop a prototype which will be able to monitor for abnormal behaviour like falls and find small objects such as glasses and medicines.


Funded by: Global Food Security Programme (BBSRC)

Collaborators: Environment, Health Science, Management, Politics, and Stockholm Environment Institute at the University of York, University of Liverpool, University of Manchester

Started: October 2016

Running until: September 2020

IKNOWFOOD is examining how to communicate aspects of food production and its sustainability through interactive technology.