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Dr David Pumfrey
Research and Teaching Fellow in System Safety Engineering

High Integrity Systems Engineering (HISE) Group
Department of Computer Science
University of York
York YO10 5GH
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Research My research is in the area of hazard and safety analysis of computer-based systems, and particularly in the integration of hazard and safety analysis techniques with the software design process. 

I am particularly interested in identifying fundamental rules of existing analysis techniques which can be applied and adapted for computer system and software analysis. In this area, I have worked on variants of both HAZOP and Fault Trees for computer systems.

I have also developed new techniques, based on the identification and analysis of resources (such as memory locations, device registers and timing events such as interrupts) for studying the safety implications of the software / hardware interface in complex systems.

Teaching I am a Teaching Fellow on the Department's MSc programmes in Safety Critical Systems Engineering and Gas Turbine Control, and the Certificate in System Safety. The graduate study pages contains details of all three courses.

I only supervise Safety Critical Systems MSc projects; if you are taking the MSc course and are looking for a project supervisor, have a look at my list of project suggestions for 2011 - or approach me with your own ideas.

As well as the teaching at York, the HISE group also presents system safety courses on-site for a range of industrial and defence clients. There is a full timetable of courses booked through to mid-2012, with numerous other enquiries outstanding. The Department's CPD web pages contain more information.

My specialist teaching areas include:

  • Hazard analysis, including HAZOP
  • System safety analysis, especially Fault Trees
  • Systematic failure
  • Zonal Hazard Analysis and Particular Risk Assessment 

A little personal trivia: including the MSc and Certificate modules, I have been involved in presenting one hundred and fifty five of the one hundred and sixty three courses held since 1995.

Publications Published papers include the following (click on the title for .pdf, or follow the [zip] link for bandwidth-saving compressed .pdf):
email: David.Pumfrey@cs.york.ac.uk NB, please note my personal email filtering policy.
tel: +44 (0)1904 325569
mobile:  07801 071085
post: Department of Computer Science
University of York
York YO10 5DD
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