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Department of Computer Science

Christopher Power, PhD

I am an Associate Professor in Human Computer Interaction in the Department of Computer Science at the University of York.

I believe that technology can make people’s lives better, but only if we design it to support the diverse needs and preferences of our users. This is particularly important for people with disabilities and older adults, where digital exclusion can not only cut people off from work and education, but also limit their ability to spend time with their friends online, build new relationships, and maintain their wellbeing and quality of life. Unfortunately, digital exclusion remains a major challenge in our society, and my main drive in my research is to reduce this exclusion across technology, be it inside our home or more broadly in our communities.

I am the Vice President of the AbleGamers Charity, where we are working to improve the lives of players with disabilities through digital games, by working with the industry to provide Accessible Player Experiences (APX). I am also an Adjunct Research Professor at Western University where I am working with partners in Family Medicine and Public Health in encouraging fitness through technology for older adults.

Christopher Power