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Andy Wellings is an Emeritus Professor  in the Department of Computer Science, University of York, U.K. His research interests are focused on two related areas of computing: the design, use and implementation of real-time programming languages and operating systems; and the design and use of general purpose distributed operating systems. Professor Wellings has published over 350 technical papers and reports, including five textbooks.

Andy's research interests revolve around architecture-neutral real-time systems. These are real-time systems whose target architectures are unknown at systems design time. Architecture-neutral real-time systems are typically intended for embedded systems or hand-held devices; however, they are also applicable to Internet applications. The target architecture is unknown because:

Architecture-neutral real-time systems are at odds with traditional real-time systems because traditional systems typically need:
Current software technologies that can be used as a basis for architecture-neutral computing include: Microsoft's .Net framework, Sun's Java, Bell Labs' Inferno, and OSF's ANDF. Of these, only Java (with the Real-Time Specification - RTSJ) addresses real-time behaviour.

Andy is very active in the Java Community Process, being directly involved in

He is also interested in the Ada programming language and helps run the the International Series on Real-Time Ada Workshops. His work has fed into the Ada 2005/12 languages.

 Here is a list of the real time group's publications. Andy's publications are included there.

The following books are available:

Here is a link to a local HTML version of the Ada 95 Reference Manual.
Professor Wellings can be found in the Computer Science Building on Campus East, CSE 119 and on extension 5539. You can click here to automatically email him.
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