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Anna Bramwell-Dicks

Associate Lecturer in Interactive Media & Research Student in Human Computer Interaction

Phone: +44 (0)1904 325289
Email: anna [dot] bramwell-dicks [at] york [dot] ac [dot] uk
Office: CSE/236

My primary research context considers whether music can be incorporated within technological interfaces to affect user behaviour and experience. We have termed this research field Affective Musical Interaction (AMI).

Within the context of AMI, my research compares different HCI methodologies. AMI experiments are being performed in the laboratory, in the classroom and remotely. The aim is to compare the benefits and limitations of adopting a particular methodological approach using a cost-benefit anaylsis. While also considering if and how the methodological approach affects the experimental outcomes.

My research is supervised by Profressor Helen Petrie and Dr Alistair Edwards. My PhD research is supported by an EPSRC Doctoral Training Account (DTA) Studentship.

I'm an Assiciate Lecturer in Interactive Media the Department of Theatre, Film and Television where I currently teach Programming for Digital Media (first year introduction to programming module using the Processing language) and App Design and Development (second year module using Phonegap to create native Apps using the web languages). I previously taught in the Department of Computer Science for 2 years. For more information, see my teaching page.