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This is a list of some of the student projects I have supervised. Click on a topic area to obtain further information on the projects.

Timetabling and scheduling

Stephen Watkinson - Constraint Logic Programming Applied to the University Course Timetabling Problem

Thomas Hilton - A Specification of Requirements for Automating University of York Course Timetabling and an Evaluation of Existing Systems

Project allocation

Jonathan Dye - A Constraint Logic Programming Approach to the Stable Marriage Problem and its Application to Student Project Allocation

SAT, NB-SAT, CSP and local search

Edd Dumbill - Application of Resolution and Backtracking to the Solution of Constraint Satisfaction Problems (1995)

Gareth Jenkins - Experiments with Solving Graph Colouring by Reduction to Satisfiability (1996)

Tim Peugniez - Solving Non-Boolean Satisfiability Problems with Local Search (1998)

Peter Stock - Solving Non-Boolean Satisfiability Problems with the Davis-Putnam Method (2000)

Matthew Slack - Planning as Satisfiability: Boolean vs Non-Boolean Encodings (2000)

Mark Minichiello - Solving MAX-XOR-SAT Problems with Stochastic Local Search (2002)

Peter Nightingale - Investigating Multiple Noise Parameters in Stochastic Local Search (2002)

Linus Thand - Solving Permutation Problems with Stochastic Local Search (2002)

Mark Minichiello - Solving Constraint Satisfaction Problems Through Transformation (2003)

Peter Nightingale - Beyond SAT: Exploiting Structure in Walksat (2003)

Vincent Armistead - Enforcing Ordering Constraints during Stochastic Local Search (2003)

Constraint Programming

Oliver Kenyon - Constraint Logic Programming Applied to the Contour Linking Problem (2005)

Zhifei An - The Web Site for Demonstrating Constraint Programming (2004)

Yai Chung Yang - The Interactive Demonstration of Constraint Programming (2005)

Chris Bak - Attacking the Grid Colouring Problem with Constraint Programming (2010)

Other topics

Colin Plummer - An Analysis of Late Stage Go Endgame Sub-Positions

Chris Jones - Co-operating Artificial Intelligence Planners

Simon Forsyth - A Study Comparing Prolog and CLASSIC for Knowledge Representation

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