404: Not Found

The file you have requested (http://cswww1.york.ac.uk/404.php) could not be found on this server.

  • Goto the main Computer Science Homepage and navigate from there.
  • You could also try looking on the staff or student personal homepages which are accessible through the People Finder.
  • Helpful information to find the page you were looking for:
    • User's home directories are on the personal homepage servers, http://www-users.cs.york.ac.uk/ (for staff) and http://www-student.cs.york.ac.uk/ (for students). Their home directories are accessed using the standard notation of http://server/~username/ That's a ~ (tilde) not a hyphen, underscore or minus sign etc.
    • Students have numbers at the end of their usernames so you can tell if you should be looking on the staff or student servers.
    • If you are looking for a file in a person's home directory, and you can't find it, then try e-mailing them and asking them about it. They might have published their e-mail address, or have some other way to contact them, on their home page. http://server/~username/
    • If you are looking for a file on the official server, goto the root for the section it is in, and there may be a name or e-mail address of the section maintainer at or near the bottom of the page.