Xena: Warrior Princess : season 3 episodes


3.01. The Furies
3.02. Been There, Done That
3.03. The Dirty Half Dozen
3.04. TheDeliverer
3.05. Gabrielle's Hope
3.06. The Debt
3.07. The Debt part II
3.08. The King of Assassins
3.09. Warrior..Priestess..Tramp
3.10. The Quill is Mightier..
3.11. Maternal Instincts
3.12. Bitter Suite

Xena hates Gabrielle for killing her son, Gabrielle hates Xena for betraying her, and they fight. They end up in a weird underworld of music, and sing away their hate for each other.

The musical genre was not harmed during the
making of this motion picture. In fact,
the Producers sincerely hope you were
A• MUSE • D by the episode.

3.13. One Against an Army

Xena learns the Persians are attacking, and needs to delay them while Athens prepares for war. But Gabrielle is wounded by a poisoned Persian arrow, and will die unless Xena leaves to find the antidote. Gabrielle persuades Xena to stay and fight, even though it means she will die. Xena drives off the Persians, and finds a bottle of antidote in their abandoned kit.

Gabrielle's ankle was harmed during the making of this motion picture.

3.14. Forgiven
3.15. King Con
3.16. When in Rome..
3.17. Forget Me Not
3.18. Fins, Femmes and Gems
3.19. Tsunami
3.20. Vanishing Act
3.21. Sacrifice
3.22. Sacrifice II