The Uninvited : episodes

1 -- ITV, Thursday 25 September 1997

Photographer Steve Blake witnesses an horrific car crash in which the driver -- energy magnate James Wilson -- is killed. But the next day Blake finds him alive and well. Curiosity aroused, he enlists the help of the media, in the shape of his ex-wife, Joanna, and finds more strangeness: two police officers, Gates and ???, have been involved in investigations of apparent resurection -- and they both came from Sweethope, a coastal villiage mysteriously destroyed five years ago, but where everyone miraculously survived. Gates' ex-wife Melissa, who was away from Sweethope the fateful night, claims everyone there has undergone a personality change. Blake dives under the sea to the ruined village, only to find several skeletons, and a wedding ring.

John Ferguson: Ian Brimble --- Mrs Wilson: Kirsten May

2 -- ITV, Thursday 2 October 1997

Blake gets a job at a software plant owned by another Sweethope survivor, and starts snooping, but discovers he had been set up. Meanwhile Melissa goes to see Elizabeth Madigan, a confused old lady who is the owner of the wedding ring. Elizabeth she is two people, and has her own version of the ring. Her MP daughter Mary kills her to silence her, which causes all the Sweethope survivors to have some kind of fit, and go white-eyed. Blake witnesses this, runs, and finds Melissa's burnt-out car.

Rose: Jill Connick --- Elizabeth Madigan: Jean Anderson --- Beck: Brian Hewlett --- Gary Cartwright: Denzil Kilvington ---McKay: Edward Harbour

3 -- ITV, Thursday 9 October 1997

Blake worries that Melissa might have been 'renewed' in the car crash. They find an ally who is prepared to back their claims about aliens, by appearing on a live TV show, but then he reneges. Another alien dies, in an ambulance on the way to hospital, causing worldwide nosebleeds (Melissa is thus exonerated), and the pathologist decides that saline was the cause. Melissa tries to kill Gates with saline, but fails. Sizewell blows up.

Greg: Jeremy Webb --- Gallagher: Trevor Nichols --- Mates: Hugo Chandor
4 -- ITV, Thursday 16 October 1997

On live TV, Gates denounces Blake as a terrorist responsible for Sizewell. Blake and Milissa are on the run, but can they escape? They discover oxygen, not saline, is the key: the aliens are trying to pollute our atmosphere to make it more to their liking. Joanna leads them into the final confrontation in a top security military bunker.

Charlotte: Rebecca Callas --- John Ferguson: Ian Brimble --- police driver: Calum McPherson