Strange : episodes


0. Pilot -- BBC1, 2002
Helped by the defroked priest John Strange, and hindered by the sinister Canon Black, Jude discovers her son's father is a demon.
1.1. Zoxim -- BBC1, Saturday 31 May 2003

People are being found dead, and aged. Jude is worried that her son might be taking after his father. But the Reverend's wife and a local bus driver turn out to be involved.

[Tatooist] 1.2. Kaa-Jinn -- BBC1, Saturday 7 June 2003

People are found dead, with heads or limbs severed by a red hot samuri blade. Jude discovers the demons now know about her, and Strange recommends raw steak as protection against her demon-haunted dreams. They discover a tatooist is trying to recreate his demon master. Jude nearly ends up as a final victim.

1.3. Costa Burra -- BBC1, Saturday 14 June 2003

A scientist wants to open a 100-year-old tomb of a local clergyman, to investigate the strange disease he died of. But Canon Black, and the victim's daughter, stand in his way. So, in the manner of fictional scientists everywhere, he opens it anyway, then disappears. John Strange links the happenings to a Banshee, a bricked up little girl, and a headless coachman. As the horseman takes the banshee, all the damage is undone, leaving no evidence.

1.4. Incubus -- BBC1, Saturday 21 June 2003

Canon Black mysteriously vanishes. Jude is concerned about several badly mutilated young women, but there's no sign of demon activity. Some blurred photographs of a toothy monster convince Strange to link the mutilations with the "Milan incubus". Jude investigates a plastic surgeon, who turns out to be a demon using a low power level to escape detection, wreaking havoc through the incubi. He plans to use her as another host, but Strange and she make the incubi eat him, and as he is destroyed he flares up, destroying all the evidence. Black returns -- he was merely having a cyst removed; the final twist: removed by the demon surgeon.

1.5. Dubuykk -- BBC1, Saturday 28 June 2003

People are found dead with all their blood drained. Curiously, Canon Black asks for Strange's help: one of the victims is his sister. But as Strange investigates, Black reverts to covering up the incidents. At first it looks like it may be a vampire -- and a Herzogovenian cleaner falls under suspicion. But Jude discovers the source a chemical signature -- caused by plants at night. It's all down to timber cut from an old evil tree, and the wood is killing people by luring them with visions of dead loved ones. Jude is given a special axe by the cleaner, and chops the tree creature down as it is enticing Strange with visions of his dead fiancee. It is revealed [in a most implausible info-dump scene] that Black involved Strange in order to distract him from another case, involving Asmoth, the demon that killed his fiancee.

1.6. Asmoth -- BBC1, Saturday 5 July 2003

A pile of gnawed bones is found in a swimming pool locker. Canon Black surprisingly helps Strange by sending him some details on Asmoth -- actually he's just setting him up. Jude discovers details of Strange's first run-in with demons, where he was arrested for murder, but let off due to lack of evidence. Blind priest Farther Bernard [Tom Baker] warns Strange, and is later savagely attacked and gnawed. Following up some clues, Strange finds another bone and takes it home to investigate, where he is discovered by police, and arrested again. Meanwhile Jude investigates the hospital incinerator, and is captured by a mad flesh-eating swimmer. Strange realises she is in danger, and tries to convince the police, but they just beat him up. Jude is rescued by her son, who demonstrates weird powers. The season ends with a badly injured Strange in hospital.