Sliders : season 4 episodes

4.1. Genesis

Quinn returns home to discover it has been overrun by an alien race from a parallel world, and that Wade and Rembrandt are their prisoners. Can Quinn rescue his friends and restore his dimension to its original order?

4.2. Prophets and Loss

A cult wants to send the Sliders to "the Other Side".

4.3. Common Ground

The Sliders are taken captive on a world where Kromaggs are experimenting on humans.

4.4. Virtual Slide

Maggie falls into the grip of a businessman intent on exploiting her mind through virtual reality.

4.5. World Killer

Quinn meets a double whose irresponsible experiments have resulted in a devastated world.

4.6. Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?

Quinn finds his long lost brother.

4.7. Just say Yes

Colin and Maggie find themselves on a world where drug use is compulsory.

4.8. The Alternateville Horror


4.9. Slidecage

Searching for their natural parents, Quinn and Colin become trapped. [Shot on redundant sets from Timecop , using costumes from Kevin Costner's Waterworld .]

4.10. Asylum

While trying to reach Quinn's homeworld, the Sliders become trapped in limbo.

4.11. The Dying Fields

The Sliders arrive at a Garden-of-Eden world and find themselves pursued by Hu-Maggs (part human, part Kromagg) in a kill-or-be-killed game.

4.12. California Reich

On this Earth, Nazism has flourished and Rembrandt is the only black person on the planet. He is taken prisoner by the racist elite.

4.13. Lipschitz Live

Quinn Mallory finds himself appearing on the Jerry Springer -like Larry Lipschitz show.

4.14. Mother and Child


4.15. Net Worth


4.16. Slide by Wire

Maggie double slides with the group to a technology-free world.

4.17. Data World

The Sliders become trapped as digitised versions of themselves.

4.18. My Brother's Keeper

Quinn is scheduled involuntarily to donate his eyes to his injured double, on a world where donors are cloned for that purpose.

4.198. The Chasm

A world of profound serenity threatens to tear the Sliders apart.

4.20. Way Out West

In the Wild West, the Sliders try to save some ranchers.

4.21. Roads Taken

Quinn and Maggie prematurely age as the others fight to save them on a war-torn world.

4.22. Revelations

Quinn and Colin finally return to their home world.