Sliders : season 3 episodes

3.1. Rules of the Game : BBC2, Wednesday 6 May 1998

The Sliders land in a world where the only mass entertainment is watching an extremely violent game. Teams compete to the death against android predators through the streets of a ruined part of the city -- and the Sliders find themselves trapped as one of the teams. They must fight robot dobermans, giant electric spiders, blinding lasers, and android soldiers, to get to the winning post and safety. "See you at the beach."

Nicky: Laurie Fortier | Egghead: Joshua Malina

3.2. Double Cross : BBC2, Wednesday 13 May 1998

Quinn encounters a woman scientist whose mind is as brilliant as his own -- because she is his double on this world. But she has a deadly secret agenda -- to use sliding to raid other worlds for the resources her own is so short of. In escaping, they accidentally swap timers with hers, and so now will slide anywhere in a 400 mile radius of San Fransisco.

3.3. Electric Twister Acid Test : BBC2, Wednesday 27 May 1998

In a barren world plagued by tornados, the sliders take shelter in a seemingly idyllic valley, sheltered from the storms. But the peaceful surroundings conceal a brutal reality. The despotic ruler of the valley has Quinn, Arturo and Rembrandt "outcast", where they find out the truth behind the tornados. When Wade rebels, she is sentenced to death by drowning. Can the others rescue Wade, and the confiscated timer, before their next slide?

3.4. The Guardian : BBC2, Wednesday 3 June 1998

Arturo confides in Quinn: he has an incurable disease, and less than a year to live. So he decides to live his remaining time to the full. Meanwhile, Quinn is forced to relive some painful memories when a slide to a world running slightly more slowly brings him to 1980s San Fransisco, and face to face with himself as a young boy. Can he, should he, teach his younger self not to make the same mistake with the bullies that he did?

3.5. The Dream Masters : BBC2, Wednesday 22 July 1998

The Sliders land in a society terrorised by a cult of psychological torturers.

Gerald Thomas: Zach Ward | Victor Cardoza: Michael des Barres

3.6. Desert Storm : BBC2, Wednesday 29 July 1998

The Sliders land in a desert world where they rescue Devin, a 'water witch', first from an apparent kidnapper, and then from Cutter and his 'Mad Max'-style biker gang. When they take her back to her people, many of whom have 'powers', Arturo is treated by a Healer.

Jeremy: Kristofer Lindquist | Devin: Gina Phillips | Cutter: Ken Steadman | Master Healer: Michael Lee Gogin | Diggs: Lester Barrie

3.7. Dragon Slide : BBC2, Wednesday 26 August 1998

Quinn becomes the victim of a wicked Druid wizard, who wants the immortal body of a Mallory. Wade casts a love spell on Rembrandt to help him win his parallel-love, but he reveals his love for Wade instead.

Skuldar: Max Grodenchik

3.8. The Fire Within : BBC2, Wednesday 9 September 1998

The Sliders find a stowaway -- a flame with a mind and will of its own -- and unwittingly transport it to a dimension where an evil oil company is at loggerheads with the unions. Quinn and Arturo try to set up communication with the Flame while Wade and Rembrandt join the fight against the company, and get set-up as arsonists caught in their own fire.

J.C. Ashton: Anthony Tyler Quinn | Diana Sylvius: Lynn Clark | Amanda: Brigitta Day | Flame voice: Veronica Cartwright

3.9. The Prince of Slides : BBC2, Wednesday 14 October 1998

In an America ruled by a monarch, Rembrandt is mistaken for a Duke's double, and the Sliders must protect his unborn child, who is the heir to the throne. But on this world, the process of pregnancy has an unusual twist.

3.10. Dead Man Sliding : BBC2, Thursday 15 October 1998

In a world where criminal trials are decided by game shows, Quinn is arrested for a capital offence committed by his double, and condemned to die. But was his double really guilty, either?

Taryn Miller: Perrey Reeves

3.11. The State of the A.R.T : BBC2, Wednesday 4 November 1998

A crippled cyberneticist, apparently the last human alive on a planet full of his android creations, is seeking human guinea pigs for his greatest experiment -- to upload himself into an android host.

3.12. Seasons Greetings : BBC2, Thursday 5 November 1998

The Sliders find themselves trapped at Christmas time in a huge shopping mall run entirely on credit. Subliminal messages are forcing people to buy things they can't afford, making them virtual slaves to the Mall's owners. Wade's parallel sister and father are caught up in the scam, and Wade discovers that on this world, both she and her mother died during her birth.

3.13. Murder Most Foul : BBC2, Thursday 12 November 1998

The Sliders land on a world of be-suited executives who all work 100 hour weeks. Thinking he has cracked up from the strain, the authorities send Arturo to a Victorian theme park on a re-education program to cure him of his 'fracture'. He is programmed to think that he is this world's equivalent of Sherlock Holmes, solving the Ripper murders. But there's a real murderer on the loose, with his sights set on Wade.

Dr Dunhill/Inspector Reed: Brian McNamara

3.14. Slide Like an Egyptian : BBC2, Wednesday 18 November 1998

In a dimension ruled by the rituals of ancient Egypt [although everyone conveniently speaks English], Quinn becomes the subject of an experiment to learn if there is life after death. And Wade is walled up in a pyramid as food for a genetically engineered scarab.

3.15. Paradise Lost : BBC2, Thursday 19 November 1998

The Sliders land in a town inappropriately called Paradise, apparently caught in a time warp, where they come to the aid of a geologist whose assistant has gone missing. The locals are feeding unwary tourists to a mutant worm that secretes the elixir of youth.

Michael Levy: Todd Babcock | Laurie Miller: Lar Steinick

3.16. The Exodus (part 1) : BBC2, Wednesday 2 December 1998

In a dimension threatened with extinction from rogue pulsars, Quinn and Arturo try to adapt the local sliding technology to save as many of the doomed population as possible: their own timer won't slide until 3 hours after the disaster. Quinn and Maggie use a local timer to check out possible other worlds: Quinn finds himself back home, but has to leave to save Maggie's life. Wade's job is to determine the list of 300 people who can be saved. And what is the Colonel really up to?

Colonel Rickman: Roger Daltrey

3.17. The Exodus (part 2) : BBC2, Thursday 3 December 1998

Having gained the vital coordinates of Earth Prime in the local timer, Quinn and Maggie return to the society doomed to extinction. Quinn recognises home by the squeaky gate [have the writers forgotten it was fixed ?] and a locket worn by his mother. Colonel Rickman kills Dr Beckett, Maggie's husband, then slides just 150 people to a new world, when he could have taken 100 more; he needs their brain fluid to fight a Gulf War disease he has. The Sliders confront him, and he kills Arturo while escaping, stranding the rest. They move down into tunnels, and slide with their own timer a few hours later. Rickman escapes to yet another world, using the local timer with Earth Prime coordinates. The three remaining Sliders chase him, to recover the time and avenge the Professor; Maggie joins them to avenge her husband.

3.18. The Breeder : BBC2, Wednesday 9 December 1998

In a bog world, just before they slide out, Maggie is infected by a parasite that turns her into a savage hunter. They find themselves in a dimension where organ donation has been made compulsory for 18-25 year olds. A doctor realises Maggie's parasite could solve the donation problem, and threatens to 'harvest' Wade unless she gets the parasite. As the Sliders finally leave, with Maggie cured, the doctor 'gets' the parasite indeed.

3.19. The Last of Eden : BBC2, Thursday 10 December 1998

Wade wakes from a nightmare and recalls a slide into a dimension that seemed idyllic on the surface, but was rotten underneath. In a valley populated by a pastoral people, an earthquake swallows Wade and a local. Underground is vast machinery, and a group of regressed humans. Overground, no-one wants to help the other Sliders rescue Wade.

This episode includes Arturo, but was shown by the BBC after that character's death. True, it is presented as a flashback, yet it doesn't feel as if it was shown in the right order.

3.20. The Other Slide of Darkness : BBC2, Wednesday 16 December 1998

The Sliders track the Rickman to a world split into two warring communities -- a 'backwoods' society and the Foggins, who live in a poisonous sulphurous zone. The god-like leader of the Foggins turns out to be an alternate Quinn: the one who originally helped Quinn with his sliding formula, and also who gave the Kromags the secret of sliding. Consumed with guilt and wanting to die, alternate-Quinn gives Quinn a stark choice: kill him, or watch Maggie die.

3.21. Slither : BBC2, Thursday 17 December 1998

Quinn and Rembrandt become stranded in a Latin American country while holidaying away from the ohers, and hitch a plane ride out with a treacherous snake trapper. They crash, and are persued by an escaped snake, and by illegal tobacco-running cartels. Wade and Maggie team up with the trapper's even more treacherous partner, and set out to find their companions.

3.22. Dinoslide : BBC2, Monday 21 December 1998

The Sliders follow the Colonel back to Maggie's people, who have brought an infection that has wiped out the natives, and who are under attack from a T Rex. They kill the dino, but fail to capture or kill the Colonel. Rembrandt has to leave his young friend all over again.

3.23. Sole Survivors : BBC2, Saturday 2 January 1999

A slimming product has got out of hand, giving people a craving for fat, which they get by eating other people, and a sensitivity to light. Quinn gets bitten by one of these zombies, and is infected. The Sliders find a doctor who is looking for a cure, and a woman who is immune. The doctor develops a vaccine from her blood, to cure Quinn.

3.24. Stoker : BBC2, Saturday 2 January 1999

A vampire rock band wants Wade to join them, as lead singer for their European tour. The Sliders, with the help of Van Helsing, must rescue her before she makes her first kill, and becomes a vampire herself. The vampires are using blood donors to keep their kills down, but Rickman is also targetting skid-row donors.

3.25. This Slide of Paradise : BBC2, Thursday 7 January 1999

The Sliders persue Rickman to an island populated with human-animal hybrids, the creations of the evil Dr Moreau ^H^H^H^H^H^H Vargas. Rickman has become animalised himself, from using their brain fluid. After some to-ing and fro-ing, the Sliders steal Rickman's timer with the home coordinates, Wade and Rembrandt slide, and Rickman dies attempting to follow them. Maggie, who can't breath on Earth Prime, is waiting to use the other timer and go somewhere else, but the animals catch up with her. Quinn stays behind to help her, and they slide by tracking the other's wormhole. But they don't seem to end up on Earth Prime...

Alisandra: Melinda Clarke | Rickman: Neil Dickson | Ceres: Deron Michael McBee | Dr Vargas: Michael York