Sliders : season 2 episodes

201. Into the Mystic : BBC2, Wednesday 12 November 1997

Quinn has been shot, and his friends find that the man they have consulted for medical help is a witch doctor.

They arrive back in their home world, but because Quinn's squeaky gate has been fixed, they think it is just a parallel world, and slide again.

2.2. Love Gods : BBC2, Wednesday 19 November 1997

The sliders arrive in a world dominated by women, because an Iraqi engineered virus has killed nearly all the men. Australia [illustrated by some truly appalling 'Australian' accents] is a superpower, because the virus wasn't as effective there. The few remaining men are rounded up and kept in breeding centres (there is no artificial insemination in this world), and monogamy has been declared illegal.

2.3. Gillian of the Spirits : BBC2, Wednesday 3 December 1997

A lightening strike hits the wormhole, frying the timer, and shifting Quinn onto the 'astral plane', invisible to all except Gillian, who has only just escaped institutionalisation because she 'hears voices'. Arturo tries to mend the timer on his own -- made difficult because, obviously, this world has a law against new technology, and Quinn's parallel-father isn't what he seems (parallel-Quinn died in a polio epidemic) -- but in the end Quinn persuades Gillian to help.

2.4. The Good, The Bad and the Wealthy : BBC2, Wednesday 17 December 1997

The Sliders land in a world where California is part of Texas and where big business is run by corporate cowboys. 'Lawyers' settle contract disputes in shoot-outs, 'brokers' deal in stocks and shares at the poker table, and Quinn gets mistaken for a hot young gunslinger.

2.5. El Sid : BBC2, Wednesday 7 January 1998

In a post-war San Fransisco, Quinn and Rembrandt rescue Michele from a beating by her thuggish boyfriend Sid, who follows them on their next slide to get Michele back. The world they arrive in appears orderly and peaceful, but it turns out to be a high-tech open prison, menaced by earthquakes, where the penalty for your or you buddy's misconduct is death. And Sid is Quinn's 'buddy'.

Sid: Jeffrey Dean Morgan | Michele: Rebecca Chambers

2.6. Time and Again World : BBC2, Wednesday 21 January 1998

The Sliders witness a murder just before they leave a world. The next world is almost identical (apart from the bearded women) and they arrive just before the incident. Getting involved, they discover the US Constitution was branded a subversive document 30 years ago by President J. Edgar Hoover (who dressed the cops in kilts), and the last existing copy is about to be destroyed.

2.7. In Dino Veritas : BBC2, Wednesday 28 January 1998

The Sliders arrive in what looks like a primeval forest, landing in an allosaurus's nest. In this world, dinosaurs did not go extinct but are an endangered species, San Fransisco is a nature reserve, and the holographic ranger thinks the Sliders are poachers. They are handicapped by not yet being able to remove their 'truth collars', souvenirs from their previous slide.

2.8. Post Traumatic Slide Syndrome : BBC2, Wednesday 25 February 1998

The Sliders come home to their families. The professor claims the glory for inventing sliding, Wade has a million dollar contract to publish her memoirs, Rembrandt could be reunited with his backing group --- so why is Quinn so unhappy? Then Wade sees the Azure Gate Bridge...

Dr Whelan: Kristoffer Tabori | Miss Vonbaeck: Stacy Grant

2.9. Obsession : BBC2, Wednesday 4 March 1998

The Sliders have arrived in a world where an elite group of psychic Oracles can predict the future, averting disasters, and read minds. A powerful man, about to become Prime Oracle, who was Wade's lover in a previous life, seems destined to her dreams come true -- whether she wants that or not. She has to take drastic measures to escape him.

Derek Bond: James Patrick Stuart | Prime Oracle: Isaac Hayes

2.10. Greatfellas : BBC2, Wednesday 18 March 1998

The Sliders leave a world where 80% of the population attended law school -- and you need a doctor's certificate to by a burger. They arrive on a world where Prohibition was never repealed, and the gangsters rule the country. Sliding into the middle of a wedding party -- marking the union of two powerful Mafia families -- they are mistaken for "The Incorruptibles".

Mel Torme: himself

2.11. The Young and the Relentless : BBC2, Wednesday 1 April 1998

The Sliders arrive in a world dominated by young people: workers are forced to retire at 30, and the voting age has been reduced to 9. They find parallel-Quinn dead, face down in a pool, and his wife, parallel-Wade, up to no good.

Kyle Beck: Kyle Alisharan | Richard: Richard Cox | Margo: Laura Harris

2.12. Invasion : BBC2, Wednesday 15 April 1998

In a devastated San Fransisco, the travellers encounter the Kromaggs -- a parallel race of marauding sliders from an earth where homo sapiens never thrived. The sliders escape to New France, but the Kromaggs follow and capture them. They are interrogated about their home world, but when it becomes obvious they don't know how to get there, they are allowed to 'escape', with a tracking device embedded in one of them.

Mr Clarke: Robert Lewis | Mary: Una Damon

2.13. As Time Goes By : BBC2, Wednesday 22 April 1998

In Neueva Espana, the sliders are arrested as illegal immigrants, 'fur-backs', to be deported to Canada. Quinn escapes immigration control, and runs into an old high-school sweetheart, Daelin, working as a maid. They arrange their friends' escape, and slide to another world where Daelin is in an abusive marriage. Quinn rescues her, and sends her off to 'her' Quinn in Seattle, before the next slide. And in the next world, where time is running backwards, they discover they have been convicted of Officer Daelin's murder.

Daelin: Brooke Langton | El Padron: Francisco Trujillo