Roswell High : season 1 episodes


1.1. Pilot -- BBC2, Thursday 7 September 2000
Liz is accidentally shot at the Crashdown Cafe, and Max miraculously saves her life. She discovers that Max, Isabel and Michael are aliens.
1.2. The Morning After -- BBC2, Thursday 14 September 2000
Liz is suspicious of Topolski, the new teacher.
1.3. Monsters -- BBC2, Thursday 21 September 2000
Can Isabel stop Maria telling Sheriff Valenti everything?
1.4. Leaving Normal -- BBC2, Thursday 28 September 2000
Max's healing powers can't save Liz's grandmother from her natural death.
1.5. Missing -- BBC2, Thursday 5 October 2000
Liz keeps a journal, that describes everything . Now it's missing, threatening the aliens' secrets.
1.6. 285 South -- BBC2, Thursday 12 October 2000
A class assignment from Topolsky leads to some surprising revelations, and to a hidden room in Atherton's dome.
1.7. River Dog -- BBC2, Thursday 19 October 2000
The pendant leads Liz to an Indian Reservation.
1.8. Blood Brother -- BBC2, Thursday 2 November 2000
Max is seriously injured in a car crash, and the gang need to substitute some human blood for his. This strains Alex's friendship to the limit.
1.9. Heatwave -- BBC2, Thursday 9 November 2000
A freak heatwave in December sparks romances, even between Maria and Michael.
1.10. The Balance -- BBC2, Thursday 16 November 2000
Michael sees Max's sketch of the cave drawings, and sets out to find River Dog himself. He is tested, and nearly dies.
1.11. The Toy House -- BBC2, Thursday 23 November 2000
Max saves his foster mother from a dangerous kitchen fire by using his powers. Sheriff Valenti is suspicious.
1.12. Into the Woods -- BBC2, Thursday 30 November 2000
A UFO sighting in the woods convinces everyone to go on the "fathers camping trip".
1.13. The Convention -- BBC2, Thursday 7 December 2000
Max is threatened by a UFO investigator. Michael saves Maria's mother's alien wrestling show.
1.14. Blind Date -- BBC2, Thursday 14 December 2000
Liz wins a radio contest, and gets set up with her "perfect date". Max gets drunk.
1.15. Independence Day -- BBC2, Thursday 21 December 2000
Michael's foster father hits him again, and he feels he has to get away. But will he run, or ask for help?
1.16. Sexual Healing -- BBC2, Thursday 4 January 2001
When Liz and Max kiss, she sees stars, and planets, and the crash site, and soldiers. The other pairs experiment with kissing to try for visions, too.
1.17. Crazy -- BBC2, Thursday 11 January 2001
Agent Topolski reappears, warning the six of a dangerous alien hunter on their trail. Is she on the level, or conning them, or crazy?
1.18. Tess, Lies and Video Tapes -- BBC2, Thursday 18 January 2001
Max is unwillingly drawn to new girl Tess, and kisses her. All are suspicious of her. Agent Topolski is reported killed in a fire, and Valenti finds out he's been conned. Michael discovers a covert camera in his apartment, and Liz plants it in Tess's house, but gets trapped. Max rescues her, and the six watch Tess mend a broken statue.
1.19. Four Square -- BBC2, Thursday 25 January 2001
Michael and Isabel start sharing dreams about being together, and having a baby. Max forces Tess to reveal herself. But it seems she's not Nasedo, the killer shapeshifter -- she's the fourth one of the child-aliens, completing the square.
1.20. Max to the Max -- BBC2, Thursday 1 February 2001
The four alien teens discover the cave where they "hatched". Isabel discovers she isn't pregnant by Michael. Nasedo shapeshifts to look like Max, and abducts Liz, to lure FBI Agent Pearce to him. But Pearce captures the real Max instead.
1.21. The White Room -- BBC2, Thursday 8 February 2001
Pearce "interrogates" Max. Isabel enters Max's mind to find out were he is, then the three aliens go to rescue him. Nasedo helps them, but Michael is revolted by his inhumanity. Liz goes to Sheriff Valenti for help.
1.22. Destiny -- BBC2, 4 September 2001 (yes, really!!)
Valenti helps free Max, but Nasedo is killed. Max abducts Pearce to find Nasedo's whereabouts. Pearce escapes, but Michael kills him. The four revive Nasedo, who shapeshifts to become Pearce. The four receive a message about their destiny from their "mother", and Liz decides she must leave Max.