The Others : episodes

1. (Pilot) -- C5, Monday 22 January 2001
Marian, a college student, is having nightmares and visions of her room's previous occupant -- who committed suicide. She sleep-talks "My killer's dead" -- or is it "Michael Ersted", the boyfriend of the dead woman? The visions cause her to find "The Others", each who has their own strange powers. Eventually, she channels the dead student, who says her death was an accident and not suicide, and that Michael must stop blaming himself.
2. Unnamed -- C5, Monday 22 January 2001
A mother starts having visions of her son, abducted several years ago by a serial killer. Marian has a vision through his eyes, that lets her locate him. The boy has strong powers, and the deranged killer has been training him for the intervening years, to fight "the unnamed" evil to come.
3. Eyes -- C5, Monday 5 February 2001
When a successful young man has laser eye surgery, he starts seeing demons tormenting him. Before The Others can help him, Albert[?] must overcome his own fears and guilt about the events that led to his blindness, and the death of the rest of his platoon.
4. Souls on Board -- C5, Monday 12 February 2001
The Others fly to a conference on a haunted plane. They must convince the crew there is a problem before it crashes like the last flight.
5. 1112 -- C5, Monday 19 February 2001
The spirit of a man trapped between life and death after a car accident contacts The Others. He needs their help in persuading his wife to let go, so that he can move on. But first she must forgive their dead baby son, who she blames for causing the accident.
6. Luciferous -- C5, Monday 26 February 2001
Dark forces embedded in the strange wallpaper of her new apartment oppose Marian. She must decide for herself whether to join the Others.
7. Theta -- C5, Monday 5 March 2001
Marian is considering pledging to a sorority, Theta Beta Phi. One of its members is acting strangely, possessed by the abusive father she shot a decade ago, after he killed her mother.
8. Don't Dream It's Over -- C5, Monday 12 March 2001
Mark is obsessed with a dream lover -- then he finds she's real, in the past, and an awful fate is about to befall her.
9. The Ones That Lie in Wait -- C5, Monday 12 November 2001
[Yes, an 8 month gap in air-dates!] The group are all visited by a creature who wants to know "what do you want". It tricks this information out of all of them, which will give it great power over them the next time it visits...
10. Till Then -- C5, Monday 26 November 2001
Elmer, with the help of his younger self, has to persuade a dead WWII pilot to cross over. This is stopping him finding a pilot downed in Iraq, so Marian helps out.
11. $4.95 a Minute -- C5, Monday 3 December 2001
A fake psychic suddenly seems to get real powers, predicting terrible things that happen to people. Satori is initially sceptical, but believes when the uses a code word known only to her and her dead father. The Others help exorcise the malevolent medium haunting him.
12. Life is For the Living -- C5, Moday 10 December 2001
Dark forces close in on the group. [Not seen, due to reception problems]
13. Mora