Medium : season 2 episodes

2.1. When Push Comes to Shove , part II

...The murders have stopped, and Captain Push has been in a coma for three months. Then it starts again... Allison is visited by Push's father, who tells her she needs to finish her dream. She does, Push wakes, and they catch the killer as he is about to abduct another victim.

2.2. The Song Remains The Same

Allison wakes up with I Will Survive playing loudly in her head. It eventually leads her to the iPod of an abducted woman, then to the priest who heard the confession of the abductor. At the same time, she keeps dreaming of a plane crash, which persuades the family instead to drive to Joe's sister's wedding in Salt Lake City. The plane doesn't crash, but on the drive Allison discovers the abductee in the farmhouse she dreamed about.

2.3. Time Out of Mind

Allison dreams that she is in a mental hospital in the 1960s. She discovers that the woman she is dreaming had been committed for drowning her baby daughter to stop her husband abusing her. But actually, she only pretended to drown her, and had her adopted. In the present day, the grown up daughter is dying of a liver disease and needs a family donor: Allison reunites the family.

2.4. Light Sleeper

Allison sleepwalks, acting out a kidnapping drama.

2.5. Sweet Dreams

Dreams of an old schoolfriend help Allison solve the murder of a Councilman's daughter who he had been sexually abusing.

2.6. Dead Aim

The DA is being trounced in court, apparently by a psychic employed by the defence. But Allison discovers the psychic is a fake, and a dream points to the real solution. Meanwhile, Allison's daughter draws a picture of Daddy's bomb.

2.7. Judge, Jury & Executioner

Joe serves as a juror in a case of negligent homicide, where a man is accused of letting his drunk wife fall off their boat. Then Allison starts to dream about it...

2.8. Too Close to Call

Allison dreams that her boss the DA loses the election because of a failure to prosecute years earlier coming back to haunt him. But her investigations end up putting the alleged killer in hospital, and then saving the victim from the real killer. Meanwhile, Joe damps down an old flame.

2.9. Still Life

Allison sees a murder when she looks at a young artist's paintings. Initially she thinks the artist is the murderer, but gradually it is discovered the murder is 20 years old, and the artist had a very different role in the events. Joe's dead father tells Allison not to let Joe take the new job he's been offered.

2.10. The Reckoning

Allison dreams of a year-old hit-and-run. Ariel predicts one of her friends will get sick and die.

2.11. Method to Madness

Allison dreams of a sociopathic murderer, and then starts to behave strangely like him. At first she thinks the dreams are coming from his victims. But when he is found dead and the murders stop, but the dreams continue, she realises they are coming from him, and that he is telling her that he did not commit one of the murders.

2.12. Doctor's Orders

Allison sees the ghostly serial killer who gets doctors to kill [ 1.15. Penny for Your Thoughts ] stalking Ariel. She thinks Ariel's new friend's doctor father is going to kill Ariel, so attacks him, ending in jail. But this is the killer trying to distract Allison; he's using a butcher instead. Something Ariel says to her father makes him realise what is happening, the killer is stopped, and Allison is freed.

2.13. Raising Cain

Allison dreams of a mother attempting to kill her son, but she also dreams of the same boy, years later, going on a killing spree at his school. Is the mother trying to prevent a future tragedy?

2.14. A Changed Man

Allison dreams of a man killing prostitutes, but when she meets him having an MRI scan, she finds that he is very nice and kind. And then she discovers that one of the prostitutes in her dream is now his wife. But she digs deeper, and finds he was different before his accident.

2.15. Sweet Child O' Mine

Allison is having dreams about her grown son that she never had, because of a miscarriage. Then the manager of a local coffee shop is found murdered, and the suspect is a youth who looks just like the son in her dreams. Everything she dreams shows him to be guilty, except her feelings say that he is not. Meanwhile, Bridget finds a stray dog that she wants to keep, but Joe discovers the dog is sick and has only a week to live.

2.16. Allison Wonderland

Allison is contacted by a dead schizophrenic mathematician, who thinks of himself as looking like David Carradine, and suggests that he may have been killed because of his cryptographic skills. But even he admits that not everything he shows her may be true. Meanwhile, Bridget appears to be channelling new stories from her favourite, but dead, author.

2.17. Lucky in Love

Allison dreams of her brother Michael taking part in a bank raid. He wasn't involved, but he has subsequently been picked up by the woman who was, who is trying to persuade him to recover her stuff. But what he doesn't know is that her partners in crime murdered her two days earlier.

2.18. S.O.S.

Allison dreams about a girl falling off a cliff in a park, and later the girl is found murdered. Then she dreams of another girl running out of gas in the desert, and later the girl is found murdered. When she dreams of a third girl, she has enough information to warn her. The media wants to know how she found out, so she lies. Her children demand to know the truth, so she tells them. Finally, she dreams of the murderer breaking down in the desert, who was sharing her dreams, and so he is caught.

2.19. Knowing Her

Alison dreams that Detective Scanlon is involved with drugs. He was previously in Vice, and was tricked by a drug runner, who now turns up wanting his protection from a corrupt cop.

2.20. The Darkness is Light Enough

Allison dreams of a blind woman being kissed by a convicted killer. When she meets the man at a parole hearing, she becomes convinced of his innocence. Then the blind woman reports a mysterious intruder in her apartment. Meanwhile Joe is working long hours because he fears being overtaken by a young hotshot.

2.21. Death Takes a Policy

Allison has a dream of her own death, but gradually it becomes clear the dream is really about a doctor and insurance agent scamming ill people.

2.22. Twice Upon A Time

A case Allison consulted on blows up in their faces with a spectacular appearance of the alleged murder victim. She is forced to resign, and is hounded by the media. Then she wakes in an alternate life, where she married her highschool sweetheart and became a successful lawyer, on the defence team. There, she learns the person claiming to be the alleged victim is an imposter. She wakes up back in her old life, and tells the DA what's going on.