Farscape : Peacekeeper Wars episodes


1. Part I

Rygel finds all of Crichton and Aeryn's crystalline pieces, and the natives reconstitute them -- apart from the baby, which is accidentally left in Rygel. They discover the natives are descendants of the long-lost Peace Making race that they had earlier restored [ 4.2-3. What Was Lost ]. John and Aeryn start to get married, but Scorpius arrives, interrupting the ceremony. They all go back to the lost planet, in the hope of restoring peace. On the way, John and Aeryn start to get married, but they are boarded by pirates, who they have to fight off. They arrive at the planet, and try to convince the guardians to help their descendants restore peace. The Scarrans arrive, destroy the temple along with Jool, and then capture all from Moya except Chiana and D'Argo are . John takes the Scarran Emperor into the wormhole to meet the time guardian. The Scarrans now knows Crichton does not have the knowledge to build a wormhole weapon. The Scarrans blow up Chiana and D'Argo's stealthed ship, but they are rescued by D'Argo's son in an even better-stealthed ship. The head priest explains the Aeryn the genesis of the Peacekeepers. The head priest convinces the Emperor to agree to peace, but is then killed. Stark absorbs his powers. The Scarrans start to flood the prison cell with paralysing gas...

2. Part II

... Sikozu ignites the gas, and they all escape in the aftermath of the explosion. The Scarrans launch an attack, and there is a big firefight, during which the baby is transferred from Rygel back into Aeryn, and D'Argo's son rescues them. They all make their way back to the original native plant. On the way, Crichton goes into a wormhole and gets wormhole weapon information. Moya lands in the sea, and the crew go off to evacuate the remaining natives. Stark transfers his knowledge about peace into a native priestess. The Scarrans launch an attack, and there is a big firefight, during which Crichton and Aeryn are married, the baby is born, Sikozu is revealed to be a Scarran traitor, and D'Argo is killed. Crichton uses the wormhole weapon, which makes a terrifyingly large growing wormhole, sucking all sides in. Crichton refuses to turn it off unless the Peacekeepers and Scarrans agree to peace; reluctantly, they do so. Harvey in Crichton's head finally dies, in the end scene from 2001. The baby is names D'Argo Sun Crichton. Peace reigns over the galaxy.