Dark Angel : season 2 episodes


2.1. Designate This -- C5, Saturday 15 February 2003
Manticore are attempting to brainwash Max, unsuccessfully. Logan mourns Max for dead. Eyes Only threatens to broadcast Manticore's location, so Manticore want to capture him. Max finds a dog-like person in the basement. She escapes, but Manticore have planted a retrovirus keyed to Logan's DNA, so that when he is infected, she will have no choice but to return with him. But she broadcasts Manticore's location, and returns alone to steal the antidote. The Manticore base is destroyed, for security, but Max helps most of the inmates, including the dog-man, to escape. She and Logan cannot get too close, in case she infects him again.
2.2. Bag 'Em -- C5, Saturday 22 February 2003
Manticore is eliminating all the escapees, so Max tries to save as many as she can (which turns out to be about five of them). Alec reluctantly helps. We learn she has no junk DNA.
2.3. Proof of Purchase -- C5, Saturday 1 March 2003
Max discovers Joshua the dog-man is looking for "Father", or Sandeman, so goes to help him. Lydecker finds some evidence of early Manticore breeding activities. Alec is captured by Manticore, and implanted with a bomb. It will detonate unless he brings back three barcodes in 24 hours. Max has to use the money Logan raised to cure her virus to get the bomb disarmed.
[Max] 2.4. Radar Love -- C5, Saturday 8 March 2003
A biochemist is developing a plague targetted at transgenics. Max tries to help Joshua track down Father. She and Logan are concerned about their relationship.
2.5. Boo -- C5, Saturday 15 March 2003
It's Hallowe'en, and Jason thinks he could go out, in "costume", but Max disagrees. Instead, she has to chase down a headless body about to assassinate a priest, in the compainy of three transgenic monsters, and the body's talking head. Then things start to get weird...
2.6. Two -- C5, Saturday 22 March 2003
A dog-like mutant has been killing cops, and taking their tongues. And Joshua is acting very strangely. Max discovers that his brother, Isaac, maddened by his treatment by Manticore security guards, is taking his revenge on cops. Joshua is forced to kill Isaac to save Max.
2.7. Some Assembly Required -- C5, Saturday 29 March 2003
Max discovers Zack is still alive, and she resuces him from the metal-punks. His memory is damaged, but comes back slowly. However, some of it is false, conditioned by Manticore, and he tries to kill the traitor Logan. Max has to zap him to save Logan, which wipes his memory again.
2.8. Gill Girl -- C5, Saturday 5 April 2003
Max thinks Logan might be infected with the designer-virus, but it's only chickenpox. Some fishermen discover a "mermaid", and Max must rescue her from Agent White, bent on destroying all Manticore escapees.
2.9. Medium is the Message -- C5, Saturday 12 April 2003
A woman comes to Logan, desperate for someone to help find her kidnapped son. Then Max discovers she is Agent White's wife. White is a member of an elite breeding population, who have taken the boy as part of the next generation.
2.10. Brainiac -- C5, Saturday 19 April 2003
A man who seems to be able to see the future gets caught up in the arrest of a group of freedom fighters. Max discovers he is a data-processing X5 with a crush on her. Together, the spring the group from jail, and discover the real traitor. The X5 dies saving Max's life.
2.11. The Berisford Agenda -- C5, Saturday 26 April 2003
Alec suffers a flashback to a Manticore operation. He had been sent to kill a man and his daughter, then brainwashed to forget. Now he remembers he had fallen in love with the daughter, and discovers she is now in a coma from the bomb he planted. He has to learn to live with what he was.
2.12. Borrowed Time -- C5, Saturday 3 May 2003
Max thinks she has found a cure for her virus -- but then learns it will last only 12 hours. She rushes to Logan, but is then interrupted by Joshua, who says a dangerous Manticore beast is on the loose, attacking people. She has to go and top it. In the end, she and Logan manage to snatch a single kiss.
2.13. Harbor Lights -- C5, Saturday 10 May 2003
Max gets caught up in some cross fire, is shot, and rushed to hospital for emergency surgery. Logan thinks he's got all her test data back, but due to a mix-up, her blood-work survives -- and her virus is spotted. CDC put the hospital under quarantine, which at least stops White getting in to kill her. Then CDC notice she has no junk DNA, and want to study her further. Logan just manages to whisk her away, but now both CDC and White are looking for her.
2.14. Love in Vein -- C5, Saturday 17 May 2003
Max finds a group of kids with barcode tattoos, in a cult drinking a transgenic's super-blood. He claims that if they stop drinking, they die. But after a chat with Logan, one of them realises this is not true, and breaks the cult. Meanwhile, Joshua helps out Alex by delivering some of his parcels, under a helmet. He meets up with other couriers, gets stoned, and discovers that, even if people admiringly say "you're a dog", they have a different attitude when the helmet comes off.
2.15. Fuhgeddaboudit -- C5, Saturday 24 May 2003
Logan asks Max to try to get a mobster accountant to finger his boss. But while she's there, she suffers a strange encounter with a Manticoran coercive telepath, who then starts playing mind games with everyone. She even convinces Alex to fight again. It's all just a ruse to get the boss exposed, so the accountant, her boyfriend, can be free of him.
2.16. Exposure -- C5, Saturday 31 May 2003
White's wife contacts Logan, saying she has found her son. White kills her. Logan and Max track down the phone call, and find an exclusive boarding school. Max goes in to rescue the boy, but gets captured by White's cult. They are testing the boy's immune system with infected snake's blood, and Max gets infected with the same blood. She pretends it is affecting her in order to escape, taking the boy. Meanwhile, one of the Jam Pony riders gets a job as a journalist on the mutant tabloid, and sees a mutant in the sewers. Max and Cindy just about convince him it's not real, and Cindy destroys the film in his camera. But then White's goons pick him up and question him, which convinces him it was real. White wants to know why Max wasn't infected, as it could ruin all their plans. The boy tells Max they need to be strong for The Coming.
2.17. Hello, Goodbye -- C5, Saturday 7 June 2003
Logan accidentally touches Max, and gets infected. A transfusion of Joshua's transgenic blood saves him, but Max decides to leave completely. Alec is arrested on suspicion of murder, for something his teeth-pulling clone did -- Max rescues him. Joshua finds a few moments of company with a blind woman. Wright discovers all Manticorans are immune to the infected snake blood, so deliberately releases a transgenic to be publicly captured and cause panic.
2.18. Dawg Day Afternoon -- C5, Saturday 15 June 2003
Joshua can't keep away from his blind friend Annie, and gets spotted by thugs. The two of them flee into the sewers, followed by police, but White tips off the journalists, turning the police hunt into a media circus. Joshua has to tell Annie who he is. Annie tells Joshua to escape, that she'll be safe when the police find her. Max rescues Joshua, and they get free. But White finds Annie, and kills her, blaming it on the "wolf-man". He also leaks to the media that there are human-looking transgenics around. Joshua is distraught.
2.19. She Ain't Heavy -- C5, Saturday 15 June 2003
People are panicking about transgenics, so Max decides she must leave Seattle to protect her friends. Joshua decides to go and live in the toxic wasteland, with the other Manticore mutants. White finds 493, a Max clone (well, not quite a clone: she has junk DNA) and forces her to find the real Max, by holding her family hostage. White also traces Eyes Only, and trashes Logan's equipment. 493 resents Max for escaping and making life worse for the rest at Manticore. Max manages to overcome her, then tricks White into releasing her family, and sends them all off to safety in Canada. Max decides to stay in Seattle with her "family". White testifies publicly about the cover-up.
2.20. Love Among the Runes
A madman escapes from the breeding cult's asylum, and infiltrates the transgenics toxic camp. White's men develop a scanner that can detect transgenics' elevated body temperature, and start rounding them up. Strange symbols start appearing on Max's skin, similar to her bar code, but in an ancient language. She tracks down the madman, J.C., who tells her he is Sandeman's son. Sandeman left the cult when he discovered J.C. would fail initiation. He says he will take Max to Sandeman, but delivers her to White, his brother, instead. White is horrified to discover Max's new writing, and says he has to kill her, once she has told him where his son is. But J.C. realises Max is who Sandeman made to save them from the cult, and rescues her. White's men track one of the captured transgenics back to Jam Pony, but Cindy lifts Max's and Alec's files before they are discovered.
[Max] 2.21. Freak Nation
Logan tranlates Max's runes: it implies some disaster of biblical proportion will occur, and Max will be key in saving humanity. Then a bunch of transgenics, including Joshua, Alec, and a preganant X5, are cornered in Jam Pony, holding the couriers hostage, and surrounded by police, with White and his team of well-bred super soldiers moving in to take out Max. But Max takes control, and, despite White's best efforts, manages to stop it turning into a blood bath. The transgenics escape to the toxic waste area, and start getting good publicity from the way they handled the hostages.