Dark Angel : season 1 episodes


1.1/1.2. Pilot -- C5, Saturday 21 September 2002
Post-Pulse America is a has-been superpower, and cycle-courier Max lives by her wits. But her wits are a rather above average: she's an escaped genetically engineered super soldier. Living in hiding, searching for other escapees, she's unwillingly drawn into the world of a crusader: doing good might blow her cover.
1.3. Heat -- C5, Saturday 28 September 2002
We learn that Max's night sight and leaping ability is due to feline DNA [yeah, right], which has the side effect that she is "in heat" three times a year. Logan finds Hannah, the woman who helped Max escape as a child. Max goes to her, but Lydecker is watching Hannah, necessitating a double escape.
1.4. Flushed -- C5, Saturday 5 October 2002
Max's friends flush her medication, thinking it's drugs. She gets caught breaking into a hospital pharmacy, and thrown in jail. Weakened by her condition, she can't escape. But without her medicine, she will go into a coma and die.
1.5. C.R.E.A.M. -- C5, Saturday 12 October 2002
Max helps a friend get money for the Russian Mafia by playing poker. She and Logan help a woman find her missing freedon-fighting father, but all does not go well with the reunion.
1.6. 411 on the DL -- C5, Saturday 19 October 2002
Logan's ex-wife reappears, contrite, but she's trying a con. Max finally catched up with Zack, but is disillusioned by his attitude.
1.7. Prodigy -- C5, Saturday 26 October 2002
Max attends a genetics conference, hoping to learn how to cure her seizures. But Lydecker is another attendee, and she discovers there may be even more wrong with her than she knew. And then terrorists take over...
1.8. Cold Comfort -- C5, Saturday 2 November 2002
Zack winesses the kidnapping of a third Manticoran member, and goes to Max for help. They kidnap Lydecker, but he convinces them she was taken by a rogue outfit. They rescue her, but have to give her back to Manticore to cure her progeria. And now Lydecker knows what Max and Zack look like.
1.9. Blah Blah Woof Woof -- C5, Saturday 9 November 2002
Lydecker offers a large reward for Max, forcing her to flee Seattle. But then Logan gets sick [she seems to realise this by somesort of ESP], so she comes back to save him. Zack gives himself up, to take the heat off Max, and then escapes.
1.10. Out -- C5, Saturday 16 November 2002
A criminal feeds false info to Sung, trying to find Eyes Only identity, then kidnaps Logan. He is forced to admit to being Eyes Only, but then Max fools everybody.
1.11. Red -- C5, Saturday 23 November 2002
Max is guarding an informer. Red super soldiers seems out to kill him, but actually they are after her -- so her Manticore DNA can extend their lives.
1.12. Art Attack -- C5, Saturday 30 November 2002
A mixup during a delivery makes a valuable painting go missing, and the owner kidnaps Normal until it is returned. Max, all dressed up to be Logan's date at his brother's wedding, still ends up kicking bad guys.
1.13. Rising -- C5, Saturday 7 December 2002
The Red soldiers track down Max, and kidnap Original Cindy. Max uses a super-implant to rescue her, but has to tell her who she is. Logan is gradually being cured by his transfusion of Max's blood.
1.14. The Kidz Are Aiight -- C5, Saturday 14 December 2002
Manticore are torturing Zack to find the other X5 escapees. He escapes and contacts Max for help, but it's a trap. Logan seems cured, but is having problems.
1.15. Female Trouble -- C5, Saturday 21 December 2002
Logan goes to a doctor about his problem, and is told his immune system is rejecting the regenerated tissue. Max recognises the doctor from Manticore. A Manticore soldier is sent to terminate the doctor. Max persuades her to flee Manticore. Lydecker kills the doctor, and Max is afraid Logan may commit suicide.
1.16. Haven -- C5, Saturday 28 December 2002
Logan and Max go to a small town to track down an ex-policeman who knows about a massacre. Max finds a young boy haunted by memories of a tragedy. But when the chips are down, Max has the tryptophan-shakes, so Logan has to save the day.
1.17. Shortie's in Love -- C5, Saturday 4 January 2003
Original Cindy's first love reappears unexpectedly. She has escaped from jail, because she thinks she's dying from cancer, and wants to spend her last days with her girlfriend. But Max discovers the cancer story was a ruse, and she's being used as a human guinea pig by the jailers, and is infected with a deadly virus.
1.18. Pollo Loco -- C5, Saturday 11 January 2003
Ben, on of the escaped X5s, is hunting and killing people, and Max goes to stop him. Logan, worried for Max, tries to enlist Lydecker's help. Lydecker informs Logan of an incident in the past, where the group ran down and killed a man, saying that Max is a killer and needs only a trigger.
1.19. I and I Am a Camera -- C5, Saturday 18 January 2003
Recently released parolees are being murdered, and someone is stalking and photgraphing Max. She needs to enlist the aid of the exoskelton-enhanced stalker to stop the murders, being committed by specially-adapted police drones built by Logan's uncle. When Eyes Only exposes the conspiracy, Logan loses his income, but gains an exoskeleton.
1.20. Hit a Sista Back -- C5, Saturday 25 January 2003
Max goes to the aid of Teegre's husband and child. Lydecker wants this X5 escapee back, as her son seems to have inherited her abilities.
1.21. MEOW part I -- C5, Saturday 1 February 2003
Max's feline genes have her in heat again. Lydecker gets South African agent help to track her, through her defunct implant. After the heat is over, Max confesses to Logan, and they admit their feelings for each other. Zack discovers where Teegre is being held, and he and Max go to rescue her. But Lydecker arrives, Zack is wounded, and Max captured...
1.22. ... and Jesus Brought a Casserole part II -- C5, Saturday 8 February 2003
Revolted at the experiments killing his "children", Lydecker helps Max and some other X5s to storm Manticore and destroy the DNA lab. Zack is captured, and Max killed by a shot to the heart. But Zack sacrifices his life to give Max his heart. She recovers, inside Manticore, with all her friends thinking her dead...