Cleopatra 2525 : season 2 episodes

[re transmission dates: the listing mag say these are repeats, but if so, I missed them first time round]

2.1. The Watch -- C5, Saturday 25 January 2003
Someone is trying to bring law and order to the levels, so a Black Watch leader injects Sarge's sister Lily [ 1.5 Home ] with a deadly nano-virus, and orders Sarge to kill the peacemaker to get the antidote.
2.2. Baby Boom -- C5, Saturday 1 February 2003
The team take in an abandoned baby, only to discover it is a Betrayer trap, rigged to explode.
2.3. Brain Drain -- C5, Saturday 8 February 2003
A mind parasite infects Hel, and the only way to destroy it is to kill her.
2.4. Mauser's Day Out -- C5, Saturday 15 February 2003
Sarge ties to reprogram Mauser to make him more human, but it makes him into a Betrayer again, and he nearly kills Voice.
2.5. Reality Check -- C5, Saturday 22 February 2003
Cleopatra is trapped in a VR world of 2001 with her boyfriend, but she thinks its reality.
2.6. The Pod Whisperer -- C5, Saturday 1 March 2003
The trio try for a truce with the Baileys, using the energy pod from the Underwater Bailey [ 1.13 Hel and High Water ]. But they are attacked, and Hel is marooned on the surface. Cleo needs to pilot a 23rd Century speedster with a grudge against Sarge to save her.
2.7. Out of Body -- C5, Saturday 8 March 2003
The mind-controller Raina [ 1.9 Trial and Error ] has escaped. She zaps Cleo onto a different plane of existence. Hel and Sarge think she is dead, and go after Raina. Cleo must re-establish communication to save her life, and their's.
2.8. Juggernaut Down! -- C5, Saturday 15 March 2003
The team try to contact a Bailey again, but it pursues them underground. They discover ancient shaft missile defenses, explore the inside of a damaged Bailey, discover Cleo can make contact, and lose the energy pod.