Cleopatra 2525 : season 1 episodes

1. Quest for Firepower -- C5, Friday 20 July 2001
Sarge and Hel go to the surface to steal a weapon from a Bailey, then discover the ditzy Cleo while running from a Betrayer robot. Cryofrozen for 500 years, Cleo is bemused by the humans' subterranean existence, and terrified by the transport shafts.
2. Creegan -- C5, Friday 27 July 2001
The villainous Creegan snatches Mauser. The trio have to rescue him, or destroy him, before Creegan can download vital information from Mauser's memory banks. But Creegan attacks Hel through her Voice.
[Hel and Cleo] 3. Flying Lessons -- C5, Friday 3 August 2001
The trio try to rescue a woman from a mutant lab, with a combination of pole-dancing, gambling, and, of course, a wrist-gun fight.
4. Mind Games -- C5, Friday 10 August 2001
Raina, a powerful mutant able to control thoughts, escapes, and gets Hel distrusting Voice, and Sarge paranoid about Hel -- all in order to track down Voice. It's up to Cleo to save the day!
5. Home -- C5, Friday 17 August 2001
Sarge spots a Betrayer robot, who turns out to be harder than usual to kill. So Voice sends the trio in search for the Betrayer robot factory. They start on the surface, at a primitive village conned by the Baileys into providing patterns for the robots. This village is where Sarge, then Rose, grew up -- and the next willing "emissary to the mother ship" is Lily, her sister. Cleo, with a baffling display of 20th century sci-fi cliches, convinces the village they should send Sarge instead -- but in the end, it is Lily and Cleo who get taken...
6. Rescue -- C5, Friday 24 August 2001
Lily begins to believe Cleo about the danger, but a little too late, as they start being turned into betrayer robots. The Baileys also want to find out more about Voice. Sarge and Hel track the pair to the factory, and rescue them just in the nick of time. Sarge does not kill her sister Lily, as she intended, but invites her to join them underground.
7. Run, Cleo, Run -- C5, Friday 31 August 2001
Sarge is on a dangerous mission, to get the map of all the underground shafts and tunnels, and needs help if she is to keep her head from being blown off. Voice tells Hel not to go, but to send Cleo. No-one is sure if Cleo is up to it -- including herself -- but she does succeed. Hel and Sarge accept Cleo as a full member of the team.
8. Choices -- C5, Friday 7 September 2001
The trio go to an Artifical Surface Level -- where communities try to live "normal" lives -- in search of a Betrayer-hunting team. Once they discover the Betrayer, they are forced to break up a happy family. There is a hint that the Baileys think of Voice as their "Betrayer".
[Creegan] 9. Perceptions -- C5, Friday 21 September 2001
Creegan tries to locate Voice by using Hel. He tricks her by using a holo-image of her father. She treatens to blow herself and him up to stop him locating Voice, but he persuades her Voice has been lying to her, and she doesn't. But she does escape before the tracking is complete. Then when Sarge rescues a group of trapped scientists, maybe Hel's father really is there? Hel's confidence is Voice is severely shaken.
9. Trial and Error -- C5, Friday 5 October 2001
Raina [ 1.4 Mind Games ] used to be a Team Leader for Voice, and her telepathic abilities came from an experiment Voice did on her. Now she is a psychopath. The trio try to use Raina's powers to contact and control the Baileys. But Raina can control thoughts, even Voice's, even with her inhibitor on, and nearly destroys Sarge and Hel before Cleo can push the destruct button.
10. Double -- C5, Friday 12 October 2001
A second Cleo turns up, claiming to have escaped from the Baileys [ 1.6 Rescue ]. She is actually a Destroyer, but with only Cleo's memories and without the final programming that makes her an enemy -- she really thinks she is Cleo. When another Destroyer arrives to recapture her, clone-Cleo dies defending the team.
11. The Last Stand -- C5, Friday 19 October 2001
Sarge answers a distress signal from a hero of hers. He's defending a cache of plutonium from the bad guys, and draws the short straw to switch on the new force field. But then she discovers his sacrifice is not all it seems.
12. Hel and High Water , part I -- C5, Friday 26 October 2001
The team investigate a distress call and find an underwater city. But the natives are not as friendly as they seem, and Cleo gets trapped by a Bailey...
13. Hel and High Water , part II
The natives shoot Sarge, and refuse medical treatment. The Bailey, dying from the underwater people's probes, saves Sarge's life. The trio stop the underwater people from destroying the underground lairs, and wonder why the Bailey helped them...