Charmed : season 6 episodes


[Valkyrie Piper] 6.1/2. Valhalley of the Dolls part I/II -- C5, Saturday 11 September 2004

Phoebe has a new power: empathy, knowing what people are really feeling. Chris has the Three vanquishing demons by the bucketload. Everyone keeps commenting on Phoebe's new hairdo. Paige is having trouble in her new dog-walking job. Piper is spookily chirpy, given Leo has left her, and her sisters are worried, and demand that Chris gets Leo. Then Chris tells them Leo is missing. Paige tracks him down to a hidden island, where he is being held captive by the Valkyries, training their warriors. All three go to rescue him, but when Piper's memories are restored, she can't take the pain of separation, and becomes a Valkyrie. Three warriors escape, and cause havoc back home. The Valkyries track them down with Piper's help. Leo is convinced Chris was responsible for his imprisonment, which seems to have hardened him. Eventually Piper decides to return home, but asks Leo to stay away. One of Paige's dogs turns out to be a human under a spell.

6.3. Forget Me ... Not -- C5, Saturday 18 September 2004

[Wyatt and Piper] Baby Wyatt magics a dragon into existence, and the Cleaners, who cover up magic exposures, come and take him away, and make everyone forget he existed. But discrepancies make the sisters think their memories have been tampered with. Paige's temp job leads her to help a woman being harassed by her boss, but the memory loss has caused a problem with this task. A spell takes them back a day in time, and restores their memories, but they still to discover how to beat the invincible Cleaners. Leo is no help, just telling Piper she will find a way. She gets Wyatt to magic the dragon away again, by putting herself in danger from it. But the only way they can get the Cleaners to back off is to blackmail them with threats of more and more magic exposures, by the Charmed Ones themselves, who cannot be removed without upsetting the balance of power. Chris refuses to be a White Lighter for any other witches, reminding Leo he has come back from the future to stop Wyatt being killed by a demon.

[three blondes] 6.4. The Power of Three Blondes -- C5, Saturday 25 September 2004

Paige's temp job leads her to a fruit packing factory being plagued by imps. Three bad witch bimbos manage to steal the Charmed One's identities and powers. The sisters, unrecognised by anyone, must convince Chris of who they really are, before he helps the imposters to vanquish them. The imps help.

6.5. Love's a Witch -- C5, Saturday 2 October 2004

[Phoebe] Paige's temp job leads her to a feud between two families of witches. The sisters try to put an end to it -- only to discover it's the vengeful ghost of one of the family that is perpetuating it. The ghost takes over Paige, and she and Richard, the son of one family, end up in a crypt. The sisters have to persuade the ghost to forgive both families, and "move on". Meanwhile, Phoebe's empathy is aggravating everyone. Leo discovers Chris is commissioning a "hiding" potion -- Chris tells him its for Piper and Paige to "hide" from Phoebe's empathy, but it's really for Chris to hide from Leo's investigations. Piper has started dating again, and tells Leo it's time to formalise their break-up, with a divorce.

6.6. My Three Witches -- C5, Saturday 9 October 2004

Leo has found evidence that Chris killed a Valkyrie, and says he will tell the Elders. Chris pretends to betray the sisters to a Desire Demon, to "teach them a lesson" for not hunting demons, but the demon double-crosses him, and shoots him with a black-lighter arrow. The sisters are each trapped in a dream of their greatest desire -- which then threatens to kill them. Piper is in a world without magic -- but Wyatt is sick. Paige is in a world where magic is out in the open -- but demons are targetting her. Phoebe is a famous TV talk-show host -- but that is Jason's desire, read by the demon through Phoebe's empathy, and he get shot by a crazed fan. Chris, despite being wounded by the arrow, manages to get Paige and Phoebe together, and they then "desire" to get to Piper. The three vanquish the demon. Leo heals Wyatt and Chris. Leo gives Chris the Valkyrie evidence, in gratitude for saving the sisters.

6.7. Soul Survivor -- C5, Saturday 16 October 2004

Paige is just too late to save her boss from being killed by a demon. Then she learns he made a Faustian Pact, so she decides to save him. But her sisters think that's too risky, and they should vanquish the demon instead. Wyatt is scaring away Piper's suitors. Leo and Chris are trapped in the Cretaceous, courtesy of a malfunctioning time portal. Paige decides to risk all -- she makes her own Faustian Pact to free the man's soul, but leaves a message so that her sisters can come and save her in the nick of time. Chris saves Leo from a T.Rex, and they seem to be on better terms once they get home.

6.8. Sword and the City -- C5, Saturday 23 October 2004

The Lady of the Lake passes Excalibur to the Charmed Ones for safe-keeping. But then Piper pulls it from the stone. She is greeted as the new Chosen One, and a mentor appears, to train her. She fights off a load of demons trying for the sword, but she is gradually being pulled into its power. She is not the Chosen One after all, just the sword's guardian, waiting for the real Chosen One, none other than Wyatt. The sword's power is overwhelming her. And her mentor is actually after the sword for himself. He grabs a load of demon power, takes the sword, stabs Piper with it, and goes to kill Wyatt. But Leo heals Piper, and the Three face down the bad guy. Wyatt appropriates the sword, and kills the bad guy with it. The sword is placed safely back in the stone, and stored in the attic until Wyatt is grown.

6.9. Little Monsters -- C5, Saturday 30 October 2004

The sisters vanquish a Manticore demon, and rescue a demon baby. Chris is adamant they should vanquish it too, but Piper can't bring herself to. Wyatt seems taken with his new playmate. Then a monster appears, trying to steal the child, but abducts Piper instead. She realises he is the baby's father, so they vanquish all the Manticores and restore the baby to its father, who becomes human again. Paige makes Daryl invulnerable so he can confront a hostage taker, but forgets to remove the spell.

6.10. Chris-Crossed -- C5, Saturday 6 November 2004

Bianca comes back from the future to steal Chris's powers and take him home. We learn that he is half witch as well as half white lighter, and that he came back to save Wyatt, not from being killed by a demon, but from turning evil after the Charmed Ones died. Bianca casts a temporary spell on the sisters, making them concentrate on their private lives, so that she can take Chris back. Chris tricks future Wyatt with the help of a spell from the past, and gets back to the past, where the family begin to accept him at last. The sisters decide to have lives of their own: Paige with Richard, and Phoebe with Jason in Hong Kong.

6.11. Witchstock -- C5, Saturday 13 November 2004

The sisters gather back in the Manor to tackle a slime demon. Paige and Phoebe are upset that "their" rooms have been taken over for other uses. While rummaging through their packed stuff in the attic, they discover some of Grams' 1960s clothes. Paige dons a pair of red boots, and is whisked back to 1967, where she finds a gathering of many covens (including a "flower child" Leo), and a hippy young Grams preaching peace and love. The other sisters in the present summon the spirit of their now-dead Grams, who tells them this is a turning point: it was when her husband, their grandfather, was killed by a demon, and she became a demon fighter. They must go to stop Paige changing the past. Meanwhile, Leo and Chris fight the slime demon.

6.12. Prince Charmed -- C5, Saturday 20 November 2004

It's Piper's birthday, but she's decided to give up in love to protect Wyatt, after blasting a demon in his bedroom. Her sisters are horrified, and decide to conjure the "perfect man" for 24 hours, as a birthday present. Chris discovers the demon was one of a group who think that Wyatt is their reincarnated leader, and are trying to turn him to evil. Chris demands that the sisters bind Wyatt's powers, but they refuse. He tampers with the birthday spell to get them to agree, but it all goes wrong. The bad guys abduct Wyatt, and Chris helps the Charmed Ones get him back. He admits that he's come back in time, not to save Wyatt's life, but to stop him from going evil.

6.13. Used Karma -- C5, Saturday 27 November 2004

Jason sees the sisters orb into the kitchen, and freaks. Richard casts a spell to remove his bad karma, but it rebounds on Phoebe, who gets filled with the karma of Mata Hari, and sets out to betray everyone. She ruins one of Jason's merger meetings, and betrays everyone to some demons. Richard makes a potion to reverse the spell, and gives it to Jason, who uses it just as he is about to be killed by the demons. Phoebe, restored, saves him, but he still leaves. Richard is affected by doing magic.

6.14. The Legend of Sleepy Halliwell -- C5, Saturday 4 December 2004

Magic school is being threatened by a headless horseman, conjured by a disaffected student. The Charmed Ones must undergo an ordeal, and solve the problem of the horseman before someone gets hurt in the real world. Phoebe has a vision of her own future child, and discovers that Chris is Wyatt's younger brother.

[Phoebe] 6.15. I Dream of Phoebe -- C5, Saturday 11 December 2004

Phoebe rescues a genie who is being pursued by a demon. But it turns out the genie is herself a demon, and that by rescuing her, Phoebe has to take her place. (There are explicit references to I Dream of Jeannie .) Chris is desperate to get Leo and Piper back together, so that he can be conceived. He makes a couple of wishes that Phoebe has to grant, but they backfire. Paige is worried the Richard is using too much magic, and then he steals Phoebe's bottle. In the ensuing fracas, Paige is hurt, and Richard realises what he has done, so wishes Phoebe free. But that makes him the genie. The genie-demon returns, and makes a wish that the Charmed Ones die, which Richard has to grant. But Leo heals Piper, leaving Paige and Phoebe as ghosts. Phoebe possess the demon, and makes her wish Richard free. That put the demon back in the bottle. A final wish that the Charmed Ones be alive again restores the status quo. But Leo and Piper seem a little more friendly...

6.16. The Courtship of Wyatt's Father -- C5, Saturday 18 December 2004

A demon tries to kill Leo. We learn he has been hired by someone who wants Leo dead, but the Charmed Ones unharmed. Chris is desperate to get Leo and Piper back together, or he will cease to exist. During another attack by demons, Leo and Piper get sent to the ghost plane, where they have no powers. They are both wounded by Darklighter arrows, Leo seriously. Paige and Phoebe try to get them back, helped by Chris, now so insubstantial he can pass between planes. Alone in the ghost plane, Piper and Leo get closer... Finally they are rescued, and Leo agrees to leave, as he is putting Wyatt and the sisters at risk. It was Gideon, the head of Magic School, who wanted Leo out of the way, because he wants to destroy Wyatt before he gets too powerful. Piper learns that Chris is her son.

6.17. Hyde School Reunion -- C5, Saturday 1 January 2005

Phoebe reverts to her rebellious teenage self during a high-school reunion, and falls in with the old gang. But some of them are now grown-up criminals, and Phoebe now has her witch powers. She must grow up again, fast, before someone gets killed. Meanwhile Piper asks her father to find out why adult-Chris is ignoring her. He discovers about the "event" when Piper dies young.

6.18. Spin City -- C5, Saturday 8 January 2005

A spider-demon targets Piper, and turns Chris spidery. Phoebe calls for Leo, who learns Chris is his son. Chris accuses him of never having been there for him. Leo decides to stay on Earth with his family for the time being.

6.19. Crimes and Witch-demeanours -- C5, Saturday 15 January 2005

Paige and Phoebe are caught on camera helping Darrell catch a murderer. The Cleaners change things, and now Darrell is being tried for murder. So they call on the tribunal to change things, and find not only Darrell, but themselves, on trial, with the Fear Demon as opposing council and Gideon defending them. Leo and Chris manage to prove that they were originally set up by the same Fear Demon, thus saving Darrell. But Phoebe is stripped of her main powers, for using them for personal gain, trying to find the father of her vision baby [ 6.14. The Legend of Sleepy Halliwell ]

6.20. A Wrong Day's Journey into Right -- C5, Saturday 22 January 2005

Phoebe is feeling bereft without her powers. Paige has conjured herself a Mr Right, but he has an evil twin, who is out to seduce her. While tracking him down, Chris gets arrested, and Darrell refuses to help, because of what happened to him last time [ 6.19. Crimes and Witch-demeanours ]. Mr Wrong convinces Paige she has to get rid of her sisters, and she kidnaps Piper from magic school. But Phoebe smuggles herself into the hideout, and saves the day, even without special moves.

6.21. Witch Wars -- C5, Saturday 29 January 2005

Some demons are running a TV reality show Witch Wars , where they get demons to kill witches and steal their powers. Gideon enlists their help in "distracting" the Charmed Ones from trying to find out who's targetting Wyatt. But the sisters figure out what the demons are doing, and kill all the demons involved. But because a witch gets killed because of Gideon's meddling, Gideon's assistant threatens to tell the sisters. So, "for the greater good", Gideon kills him too.

6.22. It's a Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad World part I -- C5, Saturday 5 February 2005

It's nearly time for Piper to give birth, so Chris must go back to the future. But Gideon has fixed the spell to take Chris and Leo to the mirror "bad" world [the one where Spock has a beard, presumably], whilst bad Chris and Leo come to this one. Gideon pretends to realise what has happened, so Phoebe and Paige capture the bad guys, ready to swap them back. They go through to the bad world to negotiate the swap, but Gideon has deliberately altered the balance: bad Phoebe and Paige do not come through here. However, after some role reversal, the two plus two sisters get together to send the good ones back. Piper goes into labour. When Phoebe and Paige go outside to go to the hospital, they notice the world has changed, full of happy shiny people. Then a traffic cop comes to deliver a smiling warning to Phoebe for blocking her neighbour's drive: he shoots her point blank...

6.23. It's a Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad World part II-- C5, Saturday 12 February 2005

Leo heals Phoebe. The sisters go to visit Piper in hospital, and discover that most of the surgery going on is amputations for minor crimes, like using a cell-phone in hospital. Piper has been caught by the change in the world, and is unnaturally cheery, and refuses to believe their warnings about Gideon. Gideon persuades the fear demon to scare Piper into making her sisters like her, so they won't be killed for saying Gideon is bad. Gideon finds Chris guarding Wyatt, and stabs him, and abducts the baby. Worry over Chris reverse the spell on Phoebe and Paige. Leo can't heal Chris from Gideon's magic, and Chris dies from his wounds in Leo's arms. Leo finds Gideon in the underworld, and, to restore the world to how it should be, commits an act of evil, and kills him. He rescues Wyatt, and goes to the hospital to meet his new baby son, Chris.