Charmed : season 5 episodes


5.1. A Witch's Tail part I -- C5, Saturday 6 September 2003
Phoebe is trying for a divorce from Cole before he finds his way back from Hell; a pregnant Piper is suffering panic attacks; Paige gets promoted to social worker. Then in swims a mermaid, asking help from a Sea Hag trying to steal her immortality for a demon. Cole returns, desperate to convince Phoebe he is good, but she wants nothing to do with him. Paige concocts a power-of-three spell, but it goes awry, turning Phoebe into a mermaid. She locates the Sea Hag, and they rescue the mermaid -- but Phoebe feels the call of the sea, and swims away...
[Phoebe the mermaid] 5.2. A Witch's Tail part II -- C5, Saturday 13 September 2003
Phoebe the mermaid has run away to sea, but the demon is after her immortality. Piper casts a spell to remove her fear, but it makes her reckless, and the demon captures her, and tortures her to make her call Phoebe to him. But her recklessness stops her doing that. Eventually, the power of three does vanquish the demon. Piper nearly dies in the backlash, but her baby heals her. Paige realises Phoebe's feelings for Cole are not all negative, and Phoebe transforms back to a human when she admits that. But she still divorces Cole.
5.3. Happily Ever After -- C5, Saturday 20 September 2003
The Wicked Witch escapes from the magic mirror, and decides to destroy her greatest rivals -- the Charmed Ones. So she sends fairy tale characters after them -- the Huntsman, the Wolf from Little Red Riding Hood, and so on. There is a real danger that all this activity might pollute the fairy tales for future generations, too. Meanwhile, Piper is suffering a crisis of confidence over her ability to prepare for the baby, and so Grams appears, to offer advice. Despite being eaten by wolves, eating poisoned apples, and being trapped in pumpkins, the sisters eventually defeat the witch, restore the fairy tales, and Piper regains her confidence.
5.4. Siren Song -- C5, Saturday 27 September 2003
A vengeful siren kills a man, then sets fire to his apartment, trapping his wife. Cole rescues her, to impress Phoebe. The woman is destined to become a White Lighter, so the sisters take an interest. When Leo tries to heal the woman, the siren seduces him, and he is saved by Paige. Piper and Leo argue, so the baby swaps their powers, and they find living each other's lives difficult. The siren targets the sisters, and seduces Cole. When Phoebe arrives, the siren attempts to kill Cole, but his demon powers make him too strong. Still under the siren's spell, he strangles Phoebe. The others arrive in time to vanquish the siren and heal Phoebe. Cole is devastated that he hurt her, even under the spell.
[superheroes] 5.5. Witches in Tights -- C5, Saturday 4 October 2003
A boy has special powers -- his drawings come to life. A demon tries uses him to get the powers of an elder. In self-defence, he draws the Charmed Ones as super-heroes, where they become powerful, but reckless. Phoebe takes on a landlord who is evicting all his tenants. But he gets some film of her in super-hero mode, and threatens to expose her. Cole vaporises him to protect Phoebe, but she is horrified. The Charmed Ones vanquish the demon, and the boy gets the Elder powers.
5.6. The Eyes Have It -- C5, Saturday 11 October 2003
Piper is worried about not having a doctor during her pregnancy. Phoebe goes to a gypsy fortune teller to find out why her premonition power seems to be fading. The woman gets one of Phoebe's premonitions, and hustles her out. A gypsy hunter is around, looking for the power of the eye. The charmed ones manages to vanquish the hunter's son, but then the hunter gets the power. Phoebe has a very vivid premonition of him killing all of the sisters, so vivid it nearly kills her. The last of the gypsy line, a doctor, bands together with then to vanquish the hunter, and then becomes Piper's obstetrician.
5.7. Sympathy for the Demon -- C5, Saturday 18 October 2003
Barbas the fear demon [ 1.13 From Fear to Eternity ] tricks Paige into giving him Cole's powers, letting him escape from purgatory and pursue the Charmed Ones once more. So the sisters have to overcome their greatest fears again. And the now-powerless Cole is an innocent they have to save. But the only way they can defeat the demon is to give the powers back to Cole.
5.8. A Witch in Time -- C5, Saturday 25 October 2003
Phoebe gets a premonition that allows her to save her new boyfriend's life -- but it was supposed to be his time to die, and the problem causes a rip in space-time. Future Cole sends a demon back to kill the boyfriend, because future-Phoebe dies trying to save his life yet again. But present Cole won't cooperate. So the demon kills Phoebe and Paige. Piper uses the same rip to go back and save them -- and the boyfriend is toast. Very "City on the Edge of Forever".
5.9. Sam I Am -- C5, Saturday 1 November 2003
Paige is given her first White Lighter job -- to try to redeem the soul of one who is nearly lost White Lighter father Sam -- Cole decides to die, so tries to trick the Charmed Ones into vanquishing him, by setting a Dark Lighter on Paige's father (but making sure he doesn't die). The Dark Light shoots both Paige and Leo -- Piper's baby protects her. Sam snaps out of it to cure them. The sisters try to vanquish Cole, but discover he is now invincible.
[Phoebe about to be mummified 5.10. Y Tu Mummy Tambien -- C5, Saturday 8 November 2003
The demon Jaric [Adrian Paul] is searching for a strong witch's body for his ancient love, and picks on Phoebe. Cole, now maddened by his inability to die, says he must use Paige's instead. So he mummifies Phoebe to trap her soul, and moves his lover's soul into Paige. Cole then confronts Piper, and says she can save only one sister -- she must choose. She pretends to choose Phoebe, but tricks the demon by ejecting his lover's soul instead. The power of three vanquishes him, and Cole departs.
5.11. The Importance of Being Phoebe -- C5, Saturday 15 November 2003
Cole wants the Nexus below the Charmed Ones house, so sends them various disasters to trick them into releasing the deeds. Phoebe is sued over her advice column, the P3 club is closed down, and Paige is arrested for causing death by dangerous driving. The Cole kidnaps Phoebe and sends a shapeshifter demon in her place to convince Piper to use the house as security for Paige's bail. But the sisters release Phoebe, who tricks her way into the house pretending to be the demon, and casts all the demons into the Nexus. But this doesn't kill Cole, who savagely stabs a double of Phoebe. The sisters can use magic to cure their misfortunes, now they know they were demonically induced.
5.12. Centennial Charmed -- C5, Saturday 22 November 2003
The 100th episode. Cole agrees to become a powerful Avatar, if he can cast one spell to get Phoebe back. That spell is to kill Paige before she met the sisters, breaking the Power of Three. The world changes, but Paige, who was orbing when the spell was cast, remains unchanged. She discovers a dark Piper trying to avenge Prue's death, divorced from Leo, and a bitter Phoebe, staying with Cole, but only to protect Piper from him. Cole is bewildered by the fact Phoebe no longer loves him in this reality, either. The Avatar warns him he is no longer invincible, but is simply Balthasar again, here. Paige manages to get the sisters together, kindles the Power of Three, and vanquishes Cole. Reality is restored.
[Paige on a haunted phone] 5.13. House Call -- C5, Saturday 29 November 2003
All the residual evil left over from vaquishing demons has manifested in the manor, so the sisters summon a witch doctor to exorcise it. However, he decides they are a danger, as their powers might get taken by the next demon, so decides to destroy them, with a curse that elevates a character flaw to an obsession. He makes Paige jealous, so she abducts an innocent, and takes her place in a wedding. He makes Piper obsessive about cleaning, so that she casts an invisibility spell on the house. And he makes Phoebe determined to kill a rival columnist. Leo frantically dashes about, and just manages to put everything right. They convince the witch doctor that they are not a danger.
5.13. Sand Fransisco Dreamin' -- C5, Saturday 6 December 2003
A demon is killing Sandmen, so that humans will no longer dream, and so will become violent during the day. A Sandman contacts the sisters for help through their dreams. In the ensuing battles, they get an overdose of dreamdust, and so must battle their own darkest dreams in reality.
5.14. The Day the Magic Died -- C5, Saturday 13 December 2003
A rare sequence of events foreshadows the disappearance of all magic. A demon who knows the prophecy attempts to trap the Charmed Ones. But what he really wants is Piper's baby -- the prophecy says magic will return when it is born. The sisters' father turns up with a new bride -- but she's a demon-helper, ready to steal the baby. Piper goes into labour early, while her sisters are out battling demons by hand -- with only her new step-mother to help. But the sisters have a few on-magical weapons, and the day is saved.
5.15. Baby's First Demon -- C5, Saturday 20 December 2003
A pair of magic parasites commission a Hawker demon to steal the magical baby -- but he fails. Piper discovers she is no longer invincible. Phoebe gets a new boss at the paper. Paige goes to confront the Hawker, but is captured and drained by the parasites. Piper and Phoebe go to her rescue, and devastate the demon market. The demons call a truce and The Crone, who has seen the future, makes a law that the baby must be left alone.
5.16. Lucky Charmed -- C5, Saturday 27 December 2003
The sisters help a group of leprechauns being tracked and killed for their good luck gold.
[Holly Marie Combs] 5.17. Cat House -- C5, Saturday 3 January 2004
Piper and Leo are fighting a lot, so go to a marriage counsellor. Paige and Phoebe try to rescue an innocent from a demon, but get flung into a time warp of Phoebe's memories. Eventually they discover the innocent used to be their cat familiar, and persuade Piper to stop the real memories.
5.18. Nymphs Just Wanna Have Fun -- C5, Saturday 10 January 2004
Piper is upset by Paige "taking over" her role. Phoebe gets real close to her new boss. A demon is after a magical lake guarded by three flighty wood nymphs, as its waters will make him immortal. He kills their protector, then one of the three. The Charmed Ones intervene, but then the over-stressed Paige is transmuted into the third fun-loving nymph, losing her powers, so in deadly danger when the demon returns. The demon finds the spring, but Piper neutralises him by turning him into an immortal tree.
5.19. Sense and Sense Ability -- C5, Saturday 17 January 2004
The Crone [ 5.15. Baby's First Demon ] wants to hold the baby to see more of the future. She puts a Monkey's Curse on the sisters: Paige is struck dumb, Phoebe deaf, and Piper blind. They stll manage to work together and destroy the Crone [although it took Paige a while to think of writing rather than miming].
5.20. Necromancing the Stone -- C5, Saturday 24 January 2004
Grams is summoned to perform Wyatt's "Wiccaning", but is strangely upset he's a boy. She also warns the Charmed Ones about the Necromancer, who last invaded their mother's Wiccaning to steal the spirits of Haliwell generations, in order to be reincarnated. But Grams and the Necromancer seem strangely close. Paige casts a 24 hour truth spell on Nate to see if he's okay with her being a witch -- he is, but she learns something else about him.
5.21. Oh My Goddess part I -- C5, Saturday 31 January 2004
A demon releases some powerful Titans, who proceed to kill the Elders. Chris, a White Lighter from the future appears just in time to save Paige from a Titan -- he explains she was killed in his time-line and the Titans now rule. Leo has to give the Charmed Ones god-like powers to combat the menace, a ploy fraught with dangers of its own...
5.22. Oh My Goddess part II -- C5, Saturday 7 February 2004
The Charmed Ones, as gods, manage to defeat the Titans. But Leo has been "promoted" to an Elder, and so must leave. Piper is initially distraught, but then seems strangely cheerful. Chris is appointed their new White Lighter. But he is definitely not all he seems to be, and when Leo warns him he will be watching over him, appears to kill him.