Charmed : season 4 episodes


4.1. Charmed Again part I -- C5, Saturday 28 September 2002
Prue is dead, and a distraught Piper tries to summon her back. But the spell attracts Paige, daughter of their mother and her White Lighter. Together the new Charmed Ones vanquish the demon that killed Prue, which freaks out Paige. Meanwhile, a new cop, who believes in evil magic, is determined to uncover the truth behind Prue's death.
4.2. Charmed Again part II -- C5, Saturday 5 October 2002
The Source tries to tempt Paige to the Dark Side.
4.3. Hell Hath No Fury -- C5, Saturday 12 October 2002
Piper is recklessly killing demons, and gets taken over by a Fury. She must be stopped before she kills an innocent. Paige diagnoses her problem: anger at Prue for dying.
4.4. Enter the Demon -- C5, Saturday 19 October 2002
A mistake with a potion makes Phoebe and Paige swap bodies. Piper discovers a woman trying to stop an evil pupil killing her father, a Zen master. The body-swapping potion comes in handy later.
4.5. Size Matters -- C5, Saturday 26 October 2002
A demon shrinks the sisters to five inches tall, planning to bake them into figurines. They have to use the Power of Three to beat him.
4.6. A Knight to Remember -- C5, Saturday 2 November 2002
Paige accidentally summons a knight from her evil past, which catches up with her. The sisters bond, defeating the Evil Enchantress, and the Shocker demon. Paige moves into Prue's old room.
4.7. Brain Drain -- C5, Saturday 9 November 2002
The Source kidnaps Piper, tricks her into believing she is insane, and tempts her with a normal life, if she will only renounce her powers.
4.8. Black as Cole -- C5, Saturday 16 November 2002
A demon mimicking Belthazor is causing trouble, and a woman intent on revenge wants Cole dead. Making him fully human is the only solution.
4.9. Muse to My Ears -- C5, Saturday 23 November 2002
A Warlock trying to build his power is capturing muses. When he captures the Charmed Ones' muse, they are almost too uninspired to fight back.
4.10. A Paige from the Past -- C5, Saturday 30 November 2002
Paige travels back to her teenage years to find out why her adoptive parents died. Meanwhile, two Bonnie and Clyde style ghosts take over Phoebe and Cole, in order to get married.
4.11. Trial by Magic -- C5, Saturday 7 December 2002
Phoebe is on jury duty, and discovers the defendent is innocent. Her sisters discover the real guilty pary is a front for a rat-demon money laundering operation.
4.12. Lost and Bound -- C5, Saturday 14 December 2002
The sisters have to protect a young firestarter from demon bounty hunters. But Phoebe is behaving strangely like Samantha from Bewitched .
4.13. Charmed and Dangerous -- C5, Saturday 21 December 2002
Phoebe has a premonition of Cole being hit by a demon bolt, so tries to shield him. Meanwhile, the Source has released an ancient evil power to absorb the sisters' powers. Cole and the evil seer have to join forces to stop it before it destroys everything. The Source is finally destroyed, but where did his powers go?
4.14. Three Faces of Phoebe -- C5, Saturday 28 December 2002
Phoebe is worried about marrying Cole, so casts a spell asking for help to know her heart -- two other Phoebes, one younger, one older, appear. Meanwhile the Seer is trying to release the Source from Cole.
4.15. Marry-Go-Round -- C5, Saturday 4 January 2003
The Seer tells the Source he must marry Phoebe in a Dark ceremony -- in a cemetery, at night, with a Dark priest, and also drink her blood. He manages to do all this without anyone suspecting.
4.16. The Fifth Halliwheel -- C5, Saturday 11 January 2003
The Seer tells the Source he must impregnate Phoebe with demon seed during the full moon, tonight. Meanwhile a Power Broker demon has infected an innocent, and saving her may scupper the Source's plans. Things go awry, and Paige nearly dies from another Power Broker demon, but at the last moment Cole saves her life, for Phoebe's sake. The Seer is worried by this show of weakness by the Source. Phoebe gets a job as an agony aunt.
4.17. Saving Private Leo -- C5, Saturday 18 January 2003
Two ghosts, who died with Leo in the war, blame him, and try to destroy him. He also feel guilty for their deaths, but eventually rallies, but not before Piper dies. Meanwhile the Source/Cole persuades Phoebe to move out of the Manor.
[Paige] 4.18. Bite Me -- C5, Saturday 25 January 2003
The Source is building a new power base. The vampires declare war on the Source, and manage to turn Paige. Phoebe and Piper go to her rescue, but Cole is strangely reluctant. Piper joins Paige in her suspicions of Cole. Phoebe learns she is pregnant.
4.19. We're off to See the Wizard -- C5, Saturday 1 February 2003
A wizard asks the sisters for help in stealing the Source's Grimoire, which will stop the new Source getting his power. When Cole learns Phoebe is pregnant, his human side surfaces enough for his power to wane, and Phoebe realises who he is. The wizard is evil, and steals the Grimoire from the witches. Cole offers to give the Source's power to the wizard, but the Seer turns Phoebe to the dark side, and she vanquishes the wizard, leaving the Source in Cole. She and Cole go to the Underworld to be crowned king ad queen of evil. The Power of Three is broken.
4.20. Long Live the Queen -- C5, Saturday 8 February 2003
Phoebe is now evil Queen of the Underworld, happily using her firepower to destroy demons who annoy her. But when she gets a vision of an innocent about to be killed, she goes to her sisters to help save him. Yet she spares the demon, merely ordering him off. Then she discovers that the Seer has been feeding her a "tonic" of pure evil, to ease her transition to evil. She agonises, but eventually goes back to the Light Side, and the Power of Three vanquishes the Source.
4.21. Womb Raider -- C5, Saturday 15 February 2003
The Seer wants Phoebe's foetus, but as it contains the Source, it proves to be too much for either to handle. The sisters get trapped in a magic cage, which protects them when the Source's magic backfires, and the Source is vanquished again . Piper learns she may never have a child. Phoebe hears a whisper for help from Cole.
4.22. Witch Way Now -- C5, Saturday 22 February 2003
As a reward for vanquishing The Source, the Angel of Destiny offers the sisters the chance to lead a normal life. Phoebe and Piper are tempted, especially as there is an FBI agent on their trail. He confronts them, and blackmails them into catching a witch-killer for him. But it turns out he is the witch killer. Meanwhile, Phoebe discovers that Cole is still around, in a kind of demon-limbo. He gradually increases his powers, and saves Phoebe's life when the witch-killer shoots her. The sisters turn down the Angel's offer.