Charmed : season 3 episodes


3.1. The Honeymoon's Over -- C5, Saturday 23 February 2002
Piper's off with Leo, so Prue and Phoebe are left to fight an evil Guardian without the Power of Three. The Guardian is aided by a corrupt judge -- but just who's side is the new Assistant DA on?
3.2. Happy Hour -- C5, Saturday 2 March 2002
Piper and Leo try to get handfasted in secret from the Powers That Be, but the demon-Assistant DA Cole informs on them. We learn he is up to no good, attempting to infiltrate the Three. [Includes a subplot that is a complete rip-off of Ladyhawke (except roles are reversed, so it should be called Lordowl ), even down to the full moon the night before the eclipse! Except here totality seems to last for about an hour .]
3.3. Once Upon a Time -- C5, Saturday 9 March 2002
Piper, in despair at losing Leo, goes on strike. Meanwhile Prue and Phoebe have to help a little girl who is being menaced by trolls for having saved a fairy. The Demon DA Cole nearly gets the Book of Shadows. Piper's actions threaten the Power of Three, but she comes round in the end, and tPtB are impressed enough with her self-sacrifice to send Leo back with their relationship "on probation".
3.4. All Halliwell's Eve -- C5, Saturday 16 March 2002
It's Hallowe'en, and the sisters are sent back to the 1600s to save the life of one of their ancestors the demon Triad are trying to kill. Meanwhile, Leo and Darren battle Grimlocks to make the place safe for the sisters' return.
3.5. Sight Unseen -- C5, Saturday 23 March 2002
Prue is obsessed with finding the demon the Triads have sent to kill them. Strange events occur. Prue is convinced it is a demon, the other sisters that it is a human stalker. Prue sets a trap that first catches ADA Cole, seemingly by accident (but Prue is suspicious), then a second demon, who tells them about Balthasar (but not that he's also Cole). They all relax -- then the stalker strikes.
3.6. Primrose Empath -- C5, Saturday 30 March 2002
Cole tricks Prue into helping a demon, who passes his curse of empathy to her. The strain of feeling everyone's pain is destroying her, so Phoebe and Piper must find who originally cursed the demon, before the demon can take its revenge, and before the curse kills Prue. Meanwhile Phoebe and Cole become closer, but Cole is concerned at the effect it is having on him.
3.7. Power Outage -- C5, Saturday 6 April 2002
Balthasar gets Andras, an anger demon, to make the sisters fight and use their powers against each other -- thereby breaking the Power of Three. But Cole finds himself unable to take advantage of their temporary helplessness, due to his feelings for Phoebe. In the fight, the sisters get a slice of Balthasar's skin, which they can use to make a banishing potion. Balthasar is recalled by a furious Triad who are going to kill him for treachery -- but he dispatches them first!
3.8. Sleuthing with the Enemy -- C5, Saturday 13 April 2002
The sisters make a vanquishing potion, and then discover Balthasar is Cole. A bounty hunter demon helps Prue and Piper track Cole, but Phoebe finds him first, and pretends to vanquish him, to stop everyone searching.
3.9. Coyote Piper -- C5, Saturday 20 April 2002
Piper is nervous about her school reunion, but then her body is taken over by a necromancer's construction, and her soul will die in a few hours if not released. But she can't communicate with her sisters, and the only way to get the spirit out is to kill the body...
3.10. We Scream for Ice Cream -- C5, Saturday 27 April 2002
Phoebe and Prue get sucked into a sinister ice cream van, to a frozen playground full of abducted children. They help them escape, but then realise they have made the problem worse. To Prue's disgust, the sisters need to enlist the aid of their absent father to help them set things right.
3.11. Blinded by the White Lighter -- C5, Saturday 4 May 2002
A warlock steals a dark lighter's powers, to let him kill white lighters and then the unprotected witches. Leo is worried his attachment to Piper is affecting his judgement, and so the sisters are assigned another white lighter for the duration.
3.12. Wrestling with Demons -- C5, Saturday 11 May 2002
Prue recognises a demon in training as an old boyfriend, and determines to save him before he is lost forever. This puts her sisters at great risk. Phoebe admits to having let Cole go.
3.13. Bride and Gloom -- C5, Saturday 18 May 2002
A priestess drugs Prue and "marries" her to a demon -- which turns her, her sisters, and the Book of Shadows to evil. Cole reappears, and Phoebe gets him to help them find Prue. Prue and her demon husband try to kill Phoebe and Piper, but the demon is killed first, which snaps them back to normal.
3.14. The Good, the Bad, and the Cursed -- C5, Saturday 25 May 2002
Phoebe gets linked to a man about to be lynched in a 100 year old time loop. Prue and Cole go back in time to prevent the murder. If they fail, Phoebe will die the same way.
3.15. Just Harried -- C5, Saturday 1 June 2002
It's Piper and Leo's wedding day, but Prue is having bad dreams that point to her being a murderer, and that just might spoil the special day.
3.16. Death takes a Halliwell -- C5, Saturday 8 June 2002
Two demons come searching for Cole, and Prue has to face Death himself to save him.
3.17. Pre-Witched -- C5, Saturday 15 June 2002
A cat familiar betrays its witch, and so becomes a warlock. If it can die nine times before the new moon, it will become immortal. How can the sisters stop it killing innocents, but without killing it? And Piper wants to move out with Leo -- but discovers something that Grams nearly did to them all before she died.
3.18. Sin Francisco -- C5, Saturday 22 June 2002
A demon is cursing people with the seven deadly sins, and when the Charmed Ones thwart him, he curses them -- Phoebe with lust, Piper with Gluttony, and Prue with Pride. Even Leo gets hit with Sloth. The sisters must defeat the demon before the sins consume them.
3.19. The Demon Who Came In From the Cold -- C5, Saturday 29 June 2002
The Brotherhood of demons Cole once belonged to are planning a big coup. Cole volunteers to go back in undercover to help thwart them. Phoebe is worried, and Piper is suspicious. The plan gets defeated, and then demons discover Cole has betrayed them.
3.20. Exit Strategy -- C5, Saturday 6 July 2002
Cole doesn't realise his cover has been blown, and sets off on a task they set him, to get a powerful amulet from a witch. He does so without hurting her, but the head demon kills her later, to make Phoebe think Cole has turned back to evil. She doesn't immediately, but he finds it harder and harder to control his dark side, and eventually she sees him kill a second witch. She turns against him. Meanwhile Piper has developed a new erratic power -- blowing things up.
3.21. Look Who's Barking -- C5, Saturday 13 July 2002
A Banshee is killing people in pain, and Prue gets turned into a dog to track it down. But the Banshee attacks Phoebe, and turns her into one before Piper blows it up. Piper summons Cole, to save Phoebe. Phoebe realises there is still good in Cole.
3.22. All Hell Breaks Loose -- C5, Saturday 20 July 2002
Prue and Piper are left for dead as they try to vanquish a demon, but Leo saves them just in time. Phoebe goes below to try to save Cole. Prue and Piper discover they have been exposed as witches on live TV. Events rapidly spiral out of control, and Piper is killed. A distraught Leo goes below to tell Phoebe, and she makes a deal with the Source to turn back time. But it turns back to when the demon leaves her sisters for dead, and Leo isn't around to save them this time...