Charmed : season 2 episodes


2.1. Witch Trial -- C5, Saturday 13 January 2001
A demon steals The Book of Shadows , and starts reading the spells backwards, putting the sisters in danger. Prue finds it difficult to use her powers to help, blaming herself for Andy's death.
2.2. Morality -- C5, Saturday 20 January 2001
The sisters travel ten years into the future to save Phoebe from being burnt at the stake. Unlike their jaunt into the past [ 1.17 That 70s Episode ], however, they find themselves in their future bodies, so it's now-Phoebe who is about to be burnt. And just why has the future turned out so bad?
2.3. The Painted World -- C5, Saturday 27 January 2001
Prue tries to save a man trapped in a painting, but gets trapped herself. Before she can warn her sisters, Piper gets trapped, too. So it's all up to Phoebe to figure out what's going on, and work out how to save them from the spell, and from a demon.
2.4. The Devil's Music -- C5, Saturday 3 February 2001
A rock band's manager is successful because he is sacrificing groupies to a demon. So Leo arranges for the band to play at Piper's new club. Then the band's manager chooses the Halliwell's young neighbour as the demon's next victim. Featuring a performance by Dishwalla.
[male Prue] 2.5. She's a Man, Baby, a Man! -- C5, Saturday 10 February 2001
Phoebe finds herself psychically connected to a succubus who is killing men. The Three cast a spell to lure the creature to them, but it has the surprising side-effect of turning Prue into a man. Featuring a performance by The Cranberries.
2.6. That Old Black Magic -- C5, Saturday 17 February 2001
A powerful bad witch is accidentally set loose. Only The Chosen One can defeat her, but he's an insecure teenager. The three sisters and Leo have to convince him to fight her. But Leo and Piper are having differences.
2.7. They're Everywhere -- C5, Saturday 24 February 2001
Two pointy-fingered demons are trying to suck the mind of a man who has deciphered an ancient tablet describing the whereabouts of a powerful oracular document. Meanwhile Prue discovers her new boyfriend is twins, and Piper just manages a holiday with the hunk next door.
2.8. P3 H2O -- C5, Saturday 3 March 2001
The sisters must battle the lake demon that drowned their mother, before it kills a group of campers. But their mother's White Lighter is trying to stop them, because he is scared it will kill them, too.
2.9. Ms Hellfire -- C5, Saturday 10 March 2001
An assassin tries to kill the Halliwells. Prue puts herself in danger when she takes her place to find out who is trying to kill them, and ten other witches
2.10. Heartbreak City -- C5, Saturday 17 March 2001
A demon steals Cupid's power, and uses it to make couples hate each other. The Haliwells help Cupid, so the demon messes with their love loves.
2.11. Reckless Abandon -- C5, Saturday 24 March 2001
The sisters protect a baby threatened by a ghost who is systematically killing off the members of a family. But they discover that looking after a baby is harder than it seems.
[dying Piper] 2.12. Awakened -- C5, Saturday 7 April 2001
Piper is struck down by a deadly tropical disease. Prue and Phoebe use magic to save her, despite the injunction about "personal gain". She is cured, but the magic boomerangs, and others are infected, dying. She insists they reverse the spell, and she dies -- but Leo cures her, for which infraction he has his "wings clipped".
2.13. Animal Pragmatism -- C5, Saturday 14 April 2001
Three college student friends of Phoebe's, desperate for a Valentine's Day date, turn a pig, a rabbit, and a snake into humans, for 24 hours. They decide they want to stay human, but their animal behaviour is still strong.
[past sisters] 2.14. Pardon My Past -- C5, Saturday 21 April 2001
Phoebe has to return to 1924, where she was a bad witch, or her death then will cause her death today. But her warlock-lover from the past turns up in the present to foil the plan.
2.15. Give Me a Sign -- C5, Saturday 28 April 2001
A demon is trying to kill the mortal who had been hired to kill 13 witches -- including the Halliwells [ 2.9 Ms Hellfire ]. So the ex-assassin kidnaps Prue, to enlist her aid in killing the demon.
2.16. Murphy's Luck -- C5, Saturday 5 May 2001
Prue saves the life of a future White Lighter, who a Dark Lighter had been trying to destroy by convincing her to commit suicide. So he turns the same tactics on Prue...
2.17. How To Make a Quilt Out Of Americans -- C5, Saturday 12 May 2001
The Halliwells' aged aunt steals their power to give to a demon who promises her youth in return. Piper isn't that bothered about getting her powers back.
2.18. Chick Flick -- C5, Saturday 19 May 2001
A demon of illusion is using horror films to make people violent. He's after the Halliwells, and their powers are no good against him. But Phoebe's film idol comes to the rescue.
2.19. Ex Libris -- C5, Saturday 26 May 2001
Phoebe helps a fellow student, killed by a demon in the college library, to get justice and move on. Prue helps a man bring his daughter's murderer to justice. Piper discovers Leo was married before he died.
2.20. Astral Monkey -- C5, Saturday 2 June 2001
The doctor who witnessed Piper's miraculous recovery from the plague [ 2.12 Awakened ] has been experimenting to find out how she was cured. Laboratory chimps injected with the sisters' blood now have their powers. Then the doctor accidentally gets all three powers, which start to drive him mad.
2.21. Apocalypse Not -- C5, Saturday 9 June 2001
The sisters find themselves battling the four horseman of the Apocalypse. Then Prue and War get sucked into another dimension, and Phoebe and Piper work with the remaining three horsemen to save their sister -- which may just mean the end of the world.
2.22. Be Careful What You Witch For -- C5, Saturday 16 June 2001
The demon council use a genie to trap the three sisters with three wishes. Despite their best intentions, they do make wishes, which backfire. When a demon kills newly 17-year-old powerless Prue, the genie tries to make amends, but his going back into the bottle doesn't bring her back to life...