Charmed : season 1 episodes


1.1. Something Wicca this Way Comes -- C5, Saturday 1 April 2000
The Halliwell sisters are reunited, and discover their heritage, much to their dismay.
1.2. I've Got You Under My Skin -- C5, Saturday 8 April 2000
Piper is scared to go into a church now she is a witch. Phoebe meets a photographer, but he's really a youth-sucking demon after immortality.
1.3. Thanks for Not Morphing -- C5, Saturday 15 April 2000
The sisters' absent father appears, wearing an anti-evil amulet. And their neighbours are trying to steal the Book of Shadows.
1.4. Dream Sorcerer -- C5, Saturday 22 April 2000
Prue has terrifying dreams of a man threatening to kill her -- and he nearly does.
1.5. Dead Man Dating -- C5, Saturday 29 April 2000
A ghost asks Piper to ensure his body is buried, to save him from a Chinese demon.
1.6. The Wedding from Hell -- C5, Saturday 6 May 2000
Piper is catering a wedding, but then the bride is suddenly jilted for a stranger.
1.7. The Fourth Sister -- C5, Saturday 13 May 2000
There's a new witch in town who wants to join the Halliwells -- but who is her mirrored friend?
1.8. The Truth is Out There, and It Hurts -- C5, Saturday 27 May 2000
To fight a demon from the future, Prue casts a truth spell. But she also uses it to ask Andy what he feels about her being a witch.
1.9. The Witch is Back -- C5, Saturday 3 June 2000
A warlock from the 1700s has a locket that can kill the three: he used it to kill one of their ancestors.
1.10. Wicca Envy -- C5, Saturday 10 June 2000
Prue's boss Rex blackmails her for her powers, by tricking her into stealing a priceless tiara.
1.11. Feats of Clay -- C5, Saturday 24 June 2000
Phoebe's no-good ex-boyfriend Clay wants Prue to help him sell an Egyptian urn -- but it's cursed.
1.12. The Wendigo -- C5, Saturday 24 June 2000
An FBI agent is tracking a monster that tears out its victims' hearts. It injures Piper -- and she starts to turn into one.
1.13. From Fear to Eternity -- C5, Saturday 1 July 2000
The three are hunted by a demon who kills witches by using their greatest fears.
1.14. Secrets and Guys -- C5, Saturday 8 July 2000
Prue helps a young witch when he is kidnapped and forced to use his powers in crimes. Phoebe finds out Leo is a "White Lighter"
1.15. Is There a Woogie in the House? -- C5, Saturday 15 July 2000
Phoebe's childhood nightmare bogeyman from the basement is real -- and possesses her.
1.16. Which Prue is it Anyway? -- C5, Saturday 22 July 2000
Phoebe has a premonition of Prue being killed with a sword. So Prue tries to multiply her power by three, but instead splits herself into three.
1.17. That 70s Episode -- C5, Saturday 29 July 2000
The sisters find themselves back in the 70s when they try to stop a warlock who made a deal with their mother from killing them.
1.18. When Bad Warlocks go Good -- C5, Saturday 5 August 2000
Phoebe helps a priest overcome his warlock heritage.
1.19. Blind Sided -- C5, Saturday 19 August 2000
Two demons are kidnapping children and stealing their sight to use as "good aura detectors". A reported discovers the sisters' powers.
1.20. The Power of Two -- C5, Saturday 26 August 2000
The ghost of a murderer has escaped from Alcatraz; Prue and Phoebe must stop it killing again.
1.21. Love Hurts -- C5, Saturday 9 September 2000
A "Dark Lighter" poisons Leo, who cannot use his own powers to save himself. Piper must discover the trigger herself.
1.22. Deja Vu All Over Again -- C5, Saturday 16 September 2000
A demon is trying to kill the sisters -- and time resets each time he fails. But Phoebe can remember the loop, including her premonition of Andy's death.