Seven Days : season 2 episodes

1. The Football
2. Pinball Wizard
4. For the Children -- BBC2, Tuesday 6 March 2007
[Originally planned for Season 1, but postponed to Season 2. Clearly, the blessed Beeb used the original schedule.] A group of veterans with Gulf War syndrome take a subway train full of hostages, and blow it up, killing many children. A scheduled backstep is cancelled when it is discovered that a missing diplomat was not on the train after all, much to the dismay of the team.
5. Two Weddings and a Funeral
6. Walk Away
7. Sister's Keeper
8. The Collector
9. Love and Other Disasters
10. The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
11. Time Gremlin
12. Buried Alive
13. The Backstepper's Apprentice
14. Deja Vu All Over Again
15. Space Station Down
16. The Cuban Missile
17. X-35 Needs Changing
18. Brother, Can You Spare a Bomb?
19. Pope Parker
20. Witch Way to the Prom?
21. Mr. Donovan's Neighborhood
22. Playmates and Presidents
23. The Cure