Seven Days : season 1 episodes

1/2. (Pilot) (double episode) -- BBC2, Tuesday 22 May 2001
The President, Vice President and Speaker have been assassinated. Frank Parker is brought to the Back Step project, who are researching into Roswell technology, and can send one person back 7 days in time...
3. Gettysburg Virus -- BBC2, Tuesday 29 May 2001
A religious maniac releases an enhanced Ebola virus at an airport, and in a few days most of the world's population is stricken. Desperately, Frank Parker is sent back 7 days, with no briefing, to try to stop the plague.
4. Come Again? -- BBC2, Tuesday 5 June 2001
Tying to prevent the death of a scientist who might have made a breakthrough in cold fusion, Parker gets trapped in a timeloop. The man is actually killed by a jealous ex-husband, and Parker must stop this, and tell the team what was discovered in the previous loop, to stop the looping. But he mustn't stop the looping too soon, or a team member will die.
5. Doppelgänger part I -- BBC2, Tuesday 12 June 2001
Parker is sent back to warn of a Chinese invasion of Taiwan and a rogue US General's attempt to capitalise on it and establish a military government. But due to some experimental modifications, two Parkers arrive in the past, and one is sympathetic to the general's cause. Leaving the other for dead, he proceeds to betray the Back Step project to the coup leader....
6. Doppelgänger part II -- BBC2, Tuesday 19 June 2001
Good Parker breaks into the Back Step base, and convinces the coup leader to send him back in time, to demonstrate the technology. But just as he is about to leave, Bad Parker catches him, and kills him! Then Bad Parker back-steps, but he again splits in two. They fight, and Bad Parker falls off a cliff. So Good Parker II goes back to base, in time to prevent the Taiwan invasion and the US coup.
7. Vows -- BBC2, Tuesday 10 July 2001
Parker is upset to discover his ex-wife is about to remarry without telling him. Then he back-steps to prevent a robbery and explosion that leads to international misunderstanding, and the fiancé is killed. Parker sees how devastated his ex-wife is, and so tries an unauthorised back-step to set things right. He is stopped, but the team back him up, and he goes on an authorised back-step to stop the robbery and save the fiancé.
8. Shadow Play -- BBC2, Tuesday 17 July 2001
An NSA office is bombed, and everyone is killed, except for one agent who left the building a few moments earlier, then disappears. She is the prime suspect, so Parker back-steps to pick her up. But then NSA agents start trying to kill them both. There is a deeper plot involved, and Parker discovers he has a lot in common with the fugitive agent.
9. As Time Goes By -- BBC2, Tuesday 24 July 2001
A strange craft appears. Is it aliens? But no, it's from the future, and piloted by Olga's husband, who went missing seven years earlier, in the Russian's equivalent programme. He claims to be friendly, and Olga is overjoyed to see him, but Parker has his suspicions...
10. Sleepers -- BBC2, Tuesday 31 July 2001
Parker, Donovan and the rest of their old unit are invited to the White House. But a few days before, one of the unit kills a scientist, then commits suicide. Then, at the White House, so does Donovan. Who is the strange man they call "Dad"?
11. Last Card Up -- BBC2, Tuesday 14 August 2001
A religious commune is massacred in a botched raid -- throwing a US brokered human rights conference into disarray. Then the Backstep team's subsequent investigation blows the cover on the entire project. Parker must Backstep, and go into the commune undercover with Olga, to stop the massacre, and stop the leak.
12. Haarp Attack -- BBC2, Tuesday 21 August 2001
A middle eastern terrorist squad attack a US base, and fool a US bomber squadron into bombing one of their own bases. Parker Backsteps, but ends up with his ten-year-old mind and memory, and no knowledge of the mission. [What happened to the data chip he used to carry back?]
13. Last Breath -- BBC2, Tuesday 28 August 2001
A damaged Russian nuclear submarine surfaces near Alaska, spreading deadly plutonium poisoning over much of Northern America and Siberia. Parker must Backstep to the stricken submarine before it surfaces, and stop the disaster. He needs to use the new Liquid Breathing System, because of the depth and pressure. What no-one knows is that the surfacing was due to a mutiny.
14. Parkergeist -- BBC2, Monday 26 February 2007
Parker backsteps to stop a rocket launch sabotage -- but the saboteur is part of the team, and Parker is killed in the mission. Except that he also exists as a "ghost" that only a blind man can hear.
15. Daddy's Girl -- BBC2, Tuesday 27 February 2007
Parker backsteps to help a special ops team rescue a downed pilot captured by rebel Serbs -- a pilot who happens to be the unacknowledged daughter of the Vice President.
16. There's Something About Olga -- BBC2, Wednesday 28 February 2007
A lookalike is substituted for Olga, but she is unstable, and captures Parker in a "Misery"-like scenario.
17. A Dish Best Served Cold -- BBC2, Thursday 1 March 2007
Parker is having a crisis of conscience when a long-lost chrononaut turns up to destroy the project. He kills Isaac and his granddaughter, and destroys the sphere. The race is on to find the original sphere lost in the Amazonian jungle guarded by shamans, before the seven days is up.
18. Vegas Heist -- BBC2, Monday 5 March 2007
A massive gas explosion kill hundreds of important security delegates at a Las Vegas meeting, due to a botched robbery by someone who once saved Parker's life under fire. On backstepping, Parker discovers the reason for the heist, and volunteers to help.
19. EBE's -- BBC2, Wednesday 7 March 2007
A backstep is arranged after a chemical spill contaminates the whole south-west -- but Parker discovers a previous spill 20 years earlier might be related to EBE sightings
20. Walter -- BBC2, Thursday 8 March 2007
A top secret CIA file is cracked, leading to agents being assassinated, and parker is authorised to backstep and terminate the cracker. But when he discovers this is an autistic savant, he tries to rescue him instead.
21. Lifeboat -- BBC2, Friday 9 March 2007
One of the Roswell aliens still alive escapes, and blows up a nuclear power plant trying to steal fuel. Parker backsteps to stop this, and ends up helping the alien -- who turns out to be a nasty escaped prisoner who is brainwashing humans into helping. Parker prevents the explosion happening again, but only by receiving a fatal dose of radiation. He can't backstep again, because the sphere has been dismantled. The good aliens contact Isaac, tell him how to cure Parker, and promise not to contact us again for a while.