The 4400 : review

SF elements

4400 abductions, and the strange powers of the returnees

season 1 review


6 x 45 minute episodes


4400 people, who individually dissappeared over the previous 60 years, are suddenly returned en masse, at the same age as when they left, with no memory of where they have been. Gradually, it becomes clear that they have special powers, and that there is some kind of "ripple effect" on the people around them. Agents Tom Baldwin and Diana Skouris investigate these effects.

The two agents seem a bit of an X-files-ish rip-off, but they have their own connection to events: Tom's nephew is one of the 4400, and Diana adopts another one of them. Each of the returnees powers are different, and there are various sub-plots playing out between returnees and the "ordinary" people. By the end of the season, we know why the 4400 were taken and returned, but not how the ripple effect will play out in the end. In all, a mildly interesting puzzle, with a format that could last 4400 episodes!

Rating: 4

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reviewed 4 November 2007