Annular eclipse of the sun

[seen partially]

3 October 2005

On 3 October 2005 there was an annular eclipse of the sun, visible across the middle of Spain. I was, coincidentally, at a conference in Seville [Unconventional Computation 2005], a little south of this line, where the eclipse was partial, but still very impressive (if not as spectacular as a total eclipse ). And Seville is a wonderful place (at least, it is in October!)

[observing] The conference delegates took a break between sessions to view the spectacle ... as did many of the students on campus
[maximum] Maximum as visible in Seville -- the remaining sliver of the sun's disc was much thinner than it appears from this blurred photo, taken with a handheld Panasonic Lumix (compact digital) camera through a pair of plastic eclipse viewing glasses -- I wasn't there observing!
[maximum] Even at maximum, the fact the sun was eclipsed wasn't visible to the naked eye ... yet it was noticibly dimmer/cooler ...
[projected] ... and it was easily visible projected through a pinhole
[Seville in sunlight] Normality is restored
[the moon] Three days later, the moon is a sliver