Books : reviews

Patricia C. Wrede.
Book of Enchantments.
Harcourt. 1996

(read but not reviewed)

Patricia C. Wrede, Caroline Stevermer.
The Grand Tour: or, the purloined coronation regalia.

Patricia C. Wrede, Caroline Stevermer.
The Mislaid Magician: or, ten years after.
Graphia. 2006

Patricia C. Wrede.
Calling on Dragons.
Magic Carpet Books. 1993

Patricia C. Wrede.
Thirteenth Child.

Patricia C. Wrede.
Across the Great Barrier.
Scolastic. 2011

Patricia C. Wrede.
The Far West.
Scholastic Press. 2012

A journey into the unknown…

The Far West, out beyond the settled territory, is a dangerous place. Eff knows this better than most – she’s traveled past the Great Barrier Spell, seen steam dragons, fought a pride of saber cats, and killed a medusa lizard before it could turn her and her brother to stone.

But even though there are changes at home – new nieces and nephews, a wildlife study center for the college – Eff finds herself drawn to the Far West. The government is organizing the first expedition west in a decade, and Eff wants to go with her twin brother, Lan; her best friend, William; and her mentors, Professor Torgeson, Wash Morris, and Professor Ochiba. The group of scientists, army troops, and magicians will map unexplored land and discover new types of magical wildlife. Eff will learn more about her magic and ways of looking at the world than she could ever have guessed. And she’ll need all her knowledge and strength to help take on a new threat from the West, one that could not just destroy the frontier but devastate the entire continent.

Patricia C. Wrede.
Mairelon the Magician.
Tor. 1991

Patricia C. Wrede.
Magician's Ward.
Tor. 1997