Short works

Books : reviews

Tamas Vicsek, ed.
Fluctuations and Scaling in Biology.
OUP. 2001


Basic concepts: fluctuations, scaling. 2001
Fractal geometry. 2001
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Z. Csahok. Continuous phase transitions. 2001
Z. Csahok. Self-organized criticality (SOC). 2001
A. Czirok. Bacterial colonies. 2001
Statistical analysis of DNA sequences. 2001
M. Molnar. Analysis of brain electrical activity: the dimensional complexity of the electroencephelogram. 2001
I. Derenyi, Tamas Vicsek. Microscopic mechanisms of biological motion. 2001
A. Czirok, Tamas Vicsek. Flocking: collective motion of self-propelled particles. 2001
D. Helbing, P. Molnar. Correlated motion of pedestrians. 2001