Books : reviews

Jonathan P. Bowen, Michael G. Hinchey, David Till, eds.
ZUM '97: The Z Formal Specification Notation: 10th International Conference of Z Users, Reading.
Springer. 1997

(read but not reviewed)


Constance Heitmeyer. Formal Methods: Panacea or Academic Poppycock?. 1997
Bill Stoddart. The Event Calculus. 1997
M. A. Hewitt, Colin M. O'Halloran, Chris T. Sennett. Experiences with PiZA, an animator for Z. 1997
Steffen Helke, Thomas Neustupny, Thomas Santen. Automating Test Case Generation from Z Specifications with Isabelle. 1997
Mark Saaltink. The Z/EVES System. 1997
J. Anthony Hall. Taking Z Seriously. 1997
(extended abstract)
Klaus Achatz, Wolfram Schulte. A Formal OO Method inspired by Fusion and Object-Z. 1997
Jon G. Hall, Andrew Martin. W Reconstructed. 1997
Ina Kraan. Using the Rippling Heuristic in Set Membership Proofs. 1997
Egon Borger, S. Mazzanti. A Practical Method for Rigorously Controllable Hardware Design. 1997
Kevin C. Lano, Stephen J. Goldsack, Juan C. Bicarregui, Stuart J. H. Kent. Integrating VDM++ and Real-Time System Design. 1997
Michael J. Butler. An Approach to the Design of Distributed Systems with B AMN. 1997
Kevin C. Lano. Specifying Reactive Systems in B AMN. 1997
Andy S. Evans. An Improved Recipe for Specifying Reactive Systems in Z. 1997
Mark d'Inverno, Michael Hu. A Z Specification of the Soft-Link Hypertext Model. 1997
Jonathan Jacky, Jonathan Unger, Michael Patrick, David Reid, Ruedi Risler. Experience with Z developing a Control Program for a Radiation Therapy Machine. 1997
John C. Knight, Susan S. Brilliant. Preliminary Evaluation of a Formal Approach to User Interface Specification. 1997
Paolo Ciancarini, Cecilia Mascolo. Analysing and Refining an Architectural Style. 1997
John Derrick, Eerke A. Boiten, Howard Bowman, Maarten Steen. Weak Refinement in Z. 1997